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Thread: Reginald Lancashire Bug

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    Reginald Lancashire Bug

    There seems to be a bug that can untap a mesmerized Reginald Lancashire.

    Turn 4 I put down a Reginald Lancashire wit speed on it from Lord Alexander. My opponent blocks it. Turn 5 my opponent plays Mesmirize on it.

    Throughout the game I play a soul marble and so forth while at least 15 turns are played. During this time Reginald Lancashire is still alive. Then I play my second soul marble. When my turn is over my opponent hasn't played any troops or spells and attacks. When their turn is over and my turn begins my Reginald Lancashire attacks.

    I'm really confused how that was possible, but my Reginald was able to attack, be blocked and destroy a troop. During this whole time I didn't play anything to revert Reginald or anything...and my opponent didn't try either (since he had spellshield)

    Edit: I forgot to mention that also during my opponents turn (before my Reginald untapped) my opponent did try to play a Survival of the Fittest on one of my cards. Of course they couldn't because of my cards having spellshield, but I don't know if that information will help in figuring out this bug or not.
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