Hi there, I just got started playing the TCG Card Wars, and I bought a starter deck and a booster box...
As you may know, many cards have been updated...

I appreciate the Card Wars Wiki, but is there a list of cards that have been changed since their introduction in the starter decks? (Ex. Beach Mummy... I was confused at how ridiculously powerful it was in the starter, then I noticed the ruling was updated in the booster pack version.) What other cards have been changed/misprinted??

Could we compile a list containing cards that have been changed?

Also, random ruling question:

"Palace of Bone": Opposing Creatures in this Lane don't trigger entering or leaving play effects.
If my opponent controls a SandWitch (When SandWitch or another Creature enters play under your control, deal 1 damage to your opponent) in this lane, do creatures entering other lanes still trigger her effect? (This card seems so useless!)