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Thread: Who would be interested in an Open Beta run of The Chalice of Hues?

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    Question Who would be interested in an Open Beta run of The Chalice of Hues?

    Hi guys!

    Some of you may have heard of that PvEbP dungeon event called the Chalice of Hues.

    We have been asked to do this again, and we might (in August?). In order to do this, I'd like to know who would be interested in participating.

    Update: We are calling up all interested DMs in joining us. If you are not a member of TUC already, we have established a "Honored Guest" status for our guild website.

    Please contact me first for details, then (assuming my approval) please register on our website to become a "member", but ask for Honored Guest status.
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    I'm up...

    for it.
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    I'd be willing to jump in this time. I didn't have nearly enough cards (or time!) last time around, but I should be up for it around August.

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    Still interested. Didn't get around to enlisting in a team last time.

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    I might put my hat in for this. Depends on how many EU teams have spots open at the time.
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    Im up for it, EU as well

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    presume it is still ardent only champs, my dark queen Uzume would be displeased if i sided with the ardent scum

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