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Thread: Dropdown menu for tournaments is very glitchy.

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    Dropdown menu for tournaments is very glitchy.

    The dropdown menu in tournaments, the one that allows you select the way you want to enter (packs + platinum, only platinum, etc.) and shows the proper price to enter, only works sporadically for me. Most of the time it doesn't work, as in, the dropdown menu will refuse to appear. Clicking multiple times will give it a chance to appear, and sometimes it will, but if you wanted to change your selection, you will almost always have to click multiple times again.

    This could be very frustrating for newcomers, as the default display when you have insufficient funds has no details at all about the entry fee, only the red "Insufficient funds" message (you'll have to use the glitchy dropdown to see the fee.) If you do have sufficient funds, the game is nice enough to give you one of the options to pay by default.

    Perhaps this is already fixed on the new UI? - my favorite hex streamer. Click for The Official Bone Forum

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    There's a sweet spot to click that seems to reliably work. The dot of the "i". Try using that in the meantime, but I expect this to be resolved with the new UI.

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