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Thread: Fun New Minigame - helping new players

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    Fun New Minigame - helping new players

    The trend of the last few days has been new players streaming and being helped generously by viewers (advice and cards), or streamers coming across new players in drafts and doing the same.

    All the feels...

    Hex Community, Best Community.
    Y'all are awesome. (even Schild )

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    +1 I was inspired by a post on the forums and started handing out some commons/uncommons and maybe even a pack to new players. It has been really rewarding and can't do anything but help the game's success.

    I'm hopeful that CZE might create some program before offical open beta to incentivize helping new players and welcoming/engaging them in the community.

    Hopefully for now, the feels will keep the kindness train rolling .
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    Yeah, it's great. I've only handed out some commons (because I don't have a playset of everything yet), but it's lovely when you know someone is genuinely hugely appreciative of what you're doing.

    Such a great community

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    I've given away a ton of commons/uncommons, and some rares to the new players I meet in Proving Grounds. It's great to see so many new players excited for Hex, even in it's unfinished state.

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