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Thread: Kickstarter priorities

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    Angry Kickstarter priorities

    Hi all,

    I don't normally use forums, but I'm getting really frustrated and wanted somewhere to be heard.

    I backed Hex at a high level, on the promise it would be available to play on the Tablet in the future. I understand they need to sort out bugs and whatnot, so have been patient. However, news of sets two (and rumoured if work on the third already), is ridiculous.

    I want to play this game on my tablet, like it was promised. I don't want more sets that I can't use. Has there been ANY development on this whatsoever?


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    we will probably have 4 sets before Tablet version. they never said that the tablet version would be out soon. personally i don't see it really even working well on a tablet besides pvp.

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    They are actively working on a tablet version, yes. It's not ready yet. I've been playing on my tablet by remoting into my pc. Works pretty well with an app called splashtop.
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    The tablet versions were promised for availability at release, not at beta. We will get to start playing around with them as soon as they are ready, but there are higher priorities on the list right now that are getting more development time. They are actively being worked on, they just aren't ready for public consumption yet.

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    Also important was that this was a stretch goal. It wasn't even a partof the initial plan. And it was clearly stated this was a long term goal for full release, not beta.

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    I would be surprised if we have access to a solid tablet version before 2016. They are struggling to even do even basic stuff like release Set 2 or get PvE in that I'm confident are much higher priority than a tablet version.

    As others have pointed out, it was supposed to come after release and right now we're in "I Can't Believe It's Not Beta".
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    I wouldn't have backed Hex if it weren't obvious that they were going to meet the goal to add Android support. I had no interest in playing the game if I couldn't eventually hang out on my couch playing it on my tablet. I'm glad I did back it, obviously, and I've gotten much more invested since I started, but I wouldn't have pulled the trigger initially if it had been PC only or iOS only.

    That being said, I still understand that development takes time and I'm content to wait for whenever the features are ready - I know they are nearly as eager to complete them as I am to consume them.

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    Tablet support by 2016 at the EARLIEST.

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    Is someone even working on it yet?
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