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Thread: Thank you Devs! Amazing job!

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    Thank you Devs! Amazing job!

    Since everyone is always complaining... I want to point out, how amazing that patch works!

    Although there are a lot of changes and a lot of stuff got packed in, everything works smooth!
    No tournament downtimes, no big bugs so far seen!

    So... thank you guys! Well done! I'm impressed and love that game even more!
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    Dear devs. Im IGN is Asimov. I have had really really really bad luck with primals. Please HEX_Santa, or Starchild, or Reverter, Datadragon, Fantasia, and all the other employees etc. Please let me log in to about 3 or 4 primals to catch me back to even in the odds department.


    Also if its not too trouble please end my work day about 2 hours early so I can go buy plat and play.

    <3 you all

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    Server is more responsive than it's ever been for me. Set 2 is a blast to draft, go go humans
    Really happy with this release, it was even ahead of estimated time for once.

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    I didn't logged in yet, but the patch look amazing. I'm really excited to see Sir Giles Rowan and Daughter of Stars as new champion and Lady Shimmer and Alwyn as new troops, but i'm a bit disappointed to see the set is missing William from the Accidental Knight novel (if you didn't read it, you're missing something). Where is he? I hope we'll have the chance to see some characters from there like Windsinger, Periwinckle, Kranok and of course, William himself in the 3rd set!
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    I noticed one really big problem with the new troop stacking:
    An opponent had two 1/1 dwarfs and he play Dwarven Ballistik Training on one, but it wasn't clear on which one he played it, so my response had to be a 50/50 guess...
    When someone tragets one troop in a stack, the stack needs to be seperated temporarely.

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    +10, cannot agree with this enough.

    Server stable, no lag, no bugs (at least for me), and a really fun set so far.
    Amazing work, you've gone above and beyond my expectations.

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    I concur with all above. Server was up early, tournaments shortly thereafter with few discrepancies.

    Was able to 3-0 a competitve draft too! A great day indeed.

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    Yep, congratulations on what seems to be a very smooth rollout for the patch

    I only got 10 mins to play over breakfast, but very happy pulling The Killipede from my second pack, and the quick match I played was amazing.
    The UI changes are fantastic. The screen feels really crisp and uncluttered. I simply cannot wait for the weekend and time to play and draft and a chance for those AA prizes

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    Yup; up & stable & looking more polished than ever!
    Job well done, devs.

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    super job guys. the game is very responsive. also second pack i cracked had zakiir! Hex is awesome.

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