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Thread: Gift of Yazukan + Hop'hiro = Profit?

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    Question Gift of Yazukan + Hop'hiro = Profit?

    Hello all,
    I'm not sure if rules discussion should go here or not, but here we go anyways.

    Hop'hiro (in his first 2 stages) reads as part of his ability:
    "When a troop you control is sacrificed, add a Bushido counter to Hop'Hiro"

    Gift of Yazukan says:
    "As an additional cost to play this, Sacrifice 3 shin'hare"

    Would casting Gift of Yazukan give 3 Bushido counters to Hop'hiro or 1?

    The way i read it it would give Hop'hiro 3, and that's pretty awesome!

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    Yes, it should. The ability specifically states "When a troop you control is sacrificed...".

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    Yes Hop'hiro triggers on all sac effects. least as far as gaining charges goes.

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