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Thread: Hex For Android?

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    Hex For Android?

    Dose any one know if Hex has any Android release date? or if they are even going mobile? it would be cool if they did!

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    Yes, mobile was a kick starter stretch goal so it is planned. As for the date, I dunno.

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    They are doing Android. They are getting closer to it too. You can see it on the UI. It is getting more tablet friendly.

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    We know the dev team have a tablet client already, though it's not ready for release. If I recall correctly, it's an iPad version, so we'll probably see that before the Android client.

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    From my experience, iPad generally comes first because it is a 'locked system' in the sense that the OS is the same across the board. Androids get a bit harder to code for because of the fact that motorolla has different things than verizon for the OS which can throw things out of whack.
    could be just what i have noticed over the years, but, at least that logic makes some sense in my mind. so, i'll stick with it.

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    I hope they make progress soon

    But on the other hand.. When Hex will come out for Android I will officially lose all productivity throughout the day and just be playing Hex everywhere all day long. So for the sake of my productivity they can take their time:P

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    Thanks for the update guys, much appreciated. I didn't really know, I love this game, it just take FOR EVER! for content to drop for this game! I mean the one reason I backed it was for the raids/AI Singleplayer aspect of it, and that's still not in there yet.

    But with all the card games out on mobile now it would be a shame for it to not take advantage of that market, in fact, it would be down right crazy for them not to take advantage of it.

    Thanks for the info!

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    I'm sure content will be more frequent as we go forward. Making the foundations always takes more time than pushing new sets.

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