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    AI Misplays (Feb 12-14)

    This is a thread similar to the last. We post any obvious misplays by the AI.
    Ex: such as killing their own troops for no reason, or buffing an opponent's troop for no reason

    A new thread is created for the purpose of being filled with more up to date issues in the current test build. Reporting these will be very helpful to Chris Woods and other HEX staff.

    Please list
    1. AI Character
    2. What the AI's mistake was
    3. A screenshot of the scenario if possible
    (To do so, upload to and then use the tags [img]XXXXXXXXXX[/img])
    4. If no screenshot, list much as you can remember about the cards on the field when the mistake happened.
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    1. Dragon Guard Stalwart
    2. Had Righteous Paladin on board, didn't activate champion power and swing.

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    1. Storm Cloud
    2. Used its Charge Power for no reason. It had nothing on the board vs 3 troops of mine, then chose to exhaust the biggest one and play Cloud titan. Next turn, said exhausted troop came up and I was able to swing for game. It might have had a reasoning behind it because I had game-ending damage on the board, but ideally it should hold that power in case I mess it up, right?

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    Moon'ariu sensei

    didn't tunnel obviously good cards for tunnelling, then played a second Monsuun while the one on the board had 5/2. Obviously since it's a Unique troop the one on board went to the graveyard.

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    Storm Cloud:
    1: Using he's charge power on one of my troops when he had nothing on the board to attack with.
    2: Not blocking one of my 5-5 Briars with he's messenger, to prevent damage, he had 15 life & draw a card.
    3: Swung with messenger on he's turn for 1 damage, did not play a card of any sort & lost on my turn to my two 5-5 Briars!

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    Ill try the screenshot next time....was always too big before. The AI seems smarter this time around. It still seems a bit of a Potato Head when it comes to Killipede. Now it's blocking it but when there are other troops attacking during combat the AI doesnt block the Killipede for the 2nd time and opts to block the attacker that it is able to block and kill.

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    1. Nelebrin Scout
    2. Played an Eye of Creation without spending any resources on the effect (Two turns in a row!).
    2b. On another note, it isn't using it's charge power at all against my full field.


    1. Eldritch Dreamer
    2. Used Buccaneer on it's own Ancestral Chosen.

    (Picture 2 has Ancestral Chosen played again next turn:
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    AI used Kog'tepetl's Thirst to try to kill my troop, but I had dwarven armory on the board, it should've known I could've used that to keep it alive. Game state afterwards below (although the troop didn't have lifegain at the time) - my favorite hex streamer. Click for The Official Bone Forum

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    Spam Bot
    1: Plays Reactor Bot on turn 3 followed by charge bot. Should of saved charge bot for the next turn

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    He chose not to attack with a rage 2 troop for no conceivable reason.

    Edit: Probably the reason is he is programmed to not attack with a 0 attack troop and isn't taking rage into account. - my favorite hex streamer. Click for The Official Bone Forum

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