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    Two bugs and a known bug that works for me

    Username: Spiderface
    All notes are from playing in the Frost Arena tonight.

    First, just a note about known bug "You cannot currently add PvE cards to your deck". I was able to add PvE cards to my deck and use them in the arena, along with equipment that affects them. I put 4 "wizard of the silver talon" into my deck, and equipped an owl handler glove or something that increased their pet owls to two. It worked fine. I was warned that the deck was not PvP legal as expected.

    Bug #1: I played the dual shard for blood/blue resource and it showed me the those two cards to pick from. But the sapphire card said "Placeholder" over it in red letters over the image.

    hex_bug3a.jpg hex_bug3b.jpg

    Bug #2 - I'm not sure if this is a bug only because the client is unstable, but it handles crashes inappropriately. Here's what happened:

    I started an arena game, skipped tier one, and started playing the first opponent. After a few turns the game hung up so I killed the client and restarted it, hoping to rejoin the game in progress.

    I went into the arena and it wanted to start the game over, so I did, clicking on challenge again... and it hung on the star field, so I killed it again.

    I went through this twice and finally figured I'd give it some time, so when I loaded the game up and entered the arena, instead of starting the challenge I hit "save and quit" to try again later. I exited the client normally.

    I came back a half hour later and started the game and entered the arena.

    The first champion was marked as a defeat, and I was onto challenging the second one.

    So, even if the client were not hanging up or crashing, if I were to get disconnected, or my PC crashed, or whatever, then re-entering within a minute shouldn't make me restart the game. in fact this could be exploited.

    But if, for some reason, the game is bugged, and has to be restarted, then I should be able to click save and quit to come back at a later time if I can't play a whole new game right now. Saving the challenge before it starts should never count as a defeat.
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    I'm not sure Bug #1 is a bug, I think it might be intentional to indicate that you are not getting playing that actual shard, or because they plan to change the image later.

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    Since it shows two shards, blood and sapphire, but only the sapphire one has the "placeholder" text on it, I assume they just forgot to update the image. I don't remember it being that way last week though.

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    Also I realized I put this in the wrong forum... should have gone into the bug reporting thread. Maybe the mods can move it.

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