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    AI Misplays Feb 24-28

    How many can we count:
    Ballistics Expert used Flak Scrapper to sacrifice the Command Tower in place as part of the match challenge.

    In the same match, the Ballistics Expert used its charge power on one of my troops, when it had two candidates available.
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    edit: Aaaand then they did a decently sized patched after I made this post. Yeah I'd say it's different enough now for a new thread.
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    Hero of Adamanth attacked me with his Mindcaller when he had 5 life and no other blockers on the board, even though I had a War Hulk. I swung in and killed him the following turn, without him playing an answer. I also had 2 1/1 Worker Bots on the field, so he may not have realized that they were defensive and thought I had lethal regardless?

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    Gobbleglade Witch used its charge power to make my 4/4 Living Totem battle my Paladin of the Necropolis which didn't work because it requires she target her own troop.

    Hero of Adamanth continuously plays and bounces the same buccaneer over and over again. I have troops, but they are spellshielded due to soul marble, so he likely doesn't realize he can not activate the ability.
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    Seaweed Behemoth played a Storm Cloud and immediately sacrificed it before it had any storm counters.

    Second turn, nothing on the board.
    Kardh of Caerbannog

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    Eldritch Dreamer played Stormcall despite my having Constantina so it had no effect.

    Edit: and next turn it used its charge power on my Constantina
    Kardh of Caerbannog

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    Zodiac Shaman played Zodiac Divination with no cards in deck and immediately lost the game.

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    Nelebrin Scout played Crazed Squirrel Titan and battled my 5/6 Fiendish Cabalist instead of the Ruby Pyromancer killing the Crazed Squirrel Titan.

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    Eldritch Dreamer will still use charge power on opposing troops. Oddly, despite the loose language of his charge power text. The opposing troop will draw cards for that opposing player (I draw the card when I deal damage with my troop that he buffed).

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    Storm Cloud used Stormcall when the only thing I could attack with was a 1/1 and he had a 0/4 blocker on the field. I also had a 3/5 flyer on the field, but I had just played it, so I couldn't attack with it. It did let him get in 1 point of damage, but I was at 16 life, so the Stormcall was effectively wasted.

    Dragon Guard Stalwart didn't use his Chimera Guard Officers to gain life when I used Sapper's Charge on him when he had two life.

    Zodiac Shamn didn't attack with Stargazer, even though I had no blockers on the field. I think it may have wanted to use one of its exhaust powers, but it didn't have any non-Wild thresholds.

    Zodiac Shaman used Shard of Fate to gain more Wild threshold even though it already had 2 Wild threshold and no other thresholds. It also later used a Shard of Fate to gain another Wild threshold when it had 4 Wild threshold and 1 Sapphire, but 0 Diamond.

    Zodiac Shaman kept using Pact of Life's equipment ability to pay 5 and put a shard in its hand, even though it had a Living Totem that it could have been buffing instead.

    When I attacked with a 5/5 with crush and a 3/3, Zodiac Shaman blocked the 3/3 with a 2/2 and the 5/5 with a 1/1, even though doing the opposite would have resulted in one less point of damage. (The damage with lethal regardless though.)
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