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    Unhappy Primal Drafting Special Event

    5 minutes after the tournament started (and my wife was already in deck construction for several of those minutes), I still wasn't on to deck construction, and in fact got disconnected. As of now, I'm still not back into the game.

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    If you're talking about the sealed event scheduled to start 20 minutes ago, I never got to deckbuilding either. - my favorite hex streamer. Click for The Official Bone Forum

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    yeah, that's the one I'm talking about.

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    I made it through deckbuilding and am sitting on the standings screen with it set for round 0 of 4.

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    I got to deck building and i think my deck saved, but back on the main screen now after waiting for the time to ran out .. waiting ... waiting ...

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    Waiting for opponent to join on first game.

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    round 0 or 4... never saw any cards

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    It's pretty obvious that the tournament will not fire correctly once again, but that's the whole point of a stress test. I think that until we get further instructions from the oranges, we should just remain in the tournament and let the engineers gather the data they need.

    We are all going to get different kinds of failure. Let it fail. But let's not get in a 20+ pages thread about something as obvious as "I can't get in yet..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by HaemishM View Post
    Waiting for opponent to join on first game.
    Heh. Based on this, I decided to rekick my client to see if I was in an odd state. But the login server is down now.

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    Made it to first game, hasn't progressed forward yet. Battle chat is not working.

    EDIT: Think I won the game - it looked like victory before taking me back to the reserves screen.

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