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Thread: 20 - 0 Arena

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    20 - 0 Arena

    Exactly how many people have beaten 20 - 0 in Arena? I know there's a few, but what decks did you guys use?

    The deck I used was mono green - no equipment was enabled either.. No uruunaz but oh well

    22x wild shard,
    3x shiitake chef,
    4x bucktooth commander,
    3x moon'ariu Sensei,
    4x plant garden,
    4x ritualist of the spring litter,
    4x rune ear commander,
    3x sensei of the wounded petal,
    1x spirit dance,
    4x uzume grand concobunny,
    2x constantina,
    3x cottontail recruiter,
    3x keeper of the wounded petal,
    3x surprise runt gang

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    Im fairly certain at this point, lots of people did.

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    I think it would be more interesting how many made a 20:0 post patch.
    And a lot of people wont be on that list ether
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    I entirely agree, as you can see I've obtained x22 pieces of loot, so that's a dead-give away for the dungeon crawler tier in effect, in other words 20-0 post patch.

    Good point Hexgo!

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    I did it, twice...
    With the Archmage-Salt Harpy- Deck it's really entertaining and good to play

    I'm still waiting for the dragon...
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    Well, I made some 15:0 runs post patch, I'm not so sure about 20:0, but max 1, since I just recently don't skip T1 anymore and not really keeping track.

    Also no Uru yet.
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    Brutal commander with both pieces of equipment on him in a mono ruby aggro orc deck is basically turn 4/5 win every match

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    I think that theres a lot of decks that can go 20-0, i did it post patch with a azurefate/droo deck and with a very flexible diamond/blood that relies heavyly on lifedrain and abusing living totem boots
    the later is alot more consistent

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    4 20-0 runs now. All post patch. Once with Mono-Diamond midrange, once with a 5 color "infinite combo" deck (both Mastemoss/ azurefate burn and Midnight shepherd/Moon monk/mill), once with a black/white lifegain deck (first enemy was emberspire. I lolled, still won) and once with that red/green charge deck that's going around. Still never seen Urunaaz.

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