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Thread: a reckless Birthday!

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    a reckless Birthday!

    Dear Hexer's and Hexee's,

    Today is my 24th birthday and it's the first one since I'm playing Hex!
    So I want to celebrate it with this beautiful community
    Since we know that giving is more blessed than recieving and I'm recieving a lot of fun every day with you,
    I want to give some good stuff all over the day to you!

    There will be Giveaway's in Streams, you will get something if you play and beat me in Tournaments and I will start a contest.

    Contest #1 Eat that bunny!! (PVE)

    There is a little orc that loves to eat tasty bunny-ice so you have to give my friend "Goremaster" a lot charges to let him shred one of these lovely Shin'hare Arena Bosses like i did!

    goremaster 600.jpg

    So the one of you who shows me the biggest Goremaster that eats an Arena Bunny-Boss until tomorrow will recieve an AA-Goremaster!!!

    Contest #2 Urghhh uhh

    Dang that last bunny wasnt good for our friend and he is attacked by indigestion!

    I want to see how weak he could be so show me the lowest amount of attack on him and you will get a Extinction! He doesnt needs to be on the field and you dont need to face a bunny for this^^

    So let the fun begin guys!

    I hope to see you on the battlefield!

    Your Reckless~
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    Happy Birthday!

    I just so happen to have a little goremaster deck that I rather enjoy... I was hoping I could show Uzume how it feels to take 64K damage, but sadly she kept dropping troops at inconvenient times or killing off key troops, so I had to go for the deathblow before she started a swarm or something. This particular run was aided by the use of all 4 crackling bolts as well as 1 or 2 crackling sprouts before I cast the last crackling sprout in the final attack.

    Here's the setup, Uzume at 7 life and my (very) fatal attack incoming:

    My attack has started, goremaster is currently up to a few K attack thanks to roflcopters:

    The lightning elementals have done their work with swiftstrike, and goremaster is now at over 32K. That poor battle hopper is about to be VERY sore:

    Here's a zoomed in shot of the goremaster, in case the numbers are too hard to read at low res:

    For added fun, I managed to catch the actual deathblow, before the victory screen appeared:

    33,792 damage ought to be enough for anyone. Die, Uzume!

    "Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none."
    - Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

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    ! THAT is what i like to see
    Great job Oss!!

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    Happy birthday! Well, I was trying to make it big and ended up at negative amounts instead. So, here's one at -2,138,996,736.

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    The happiest of birthdays! I will try to find time to do this thing.
    HexEnt is too long to type, They're HXE now.
    I am currently trading my unused GK code for a new Tesla Model S P85D
    Feel free to contact me for where you can have it shipped.

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    Happy Birthday Reckless!

    Hah, I had the same experience Showni. Sadly yours was more negative. I got mine to - 1,642,171,420.

    Here's my board state prior to the swing.

    3 charges from First Crackling (Had 2 in GY)
    4 Charges from Second Crackling (3 in GY)
    5 Charges from first resource
    5 Charges from Second Resource
    4x3 Charges from Vitae proc
    1 Charge from Induction Coil proc
    3 Charges from Inductocopter swing
    33 Total charges in one turn.

    Board State Prior to Swing.jpg
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    Happy birthday. You guys need to read what he wrote. The goremaster has to be against Uzume.

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    Happy Birthday, I'm enjoying the sillyness of your contest, even if I cannot participate at the moment.

    Quote Originally Posted by dogmod View Post
    Happy birthday. You guys need to read what he wrote. The goremaster has to be against Uzume.
    Re-read the second challenge dogmod =)
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