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Thread: HEX Update - Unlocking the Myth

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    Its also nice to see Elves will be splashing into ruby

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phenteo View Post
    Also, if you're not in US/Canada, Gameforge will be hosting this contest as well, for their territories and in different languages at a later time.
    awesome to hear that :]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phenteo View Post
    We cannot run a contest in EU ourselves due to contracts.
    This makes me very sad and let's me loose alot of trust. Supposedly Gameforge is there to host the servers and run the support and Hex Ent. should stay in control of everything else. One wonders whats all "hidden" in those contracts.
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    Great update! I'm really excited for Armies of Myth!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phenteo View Post
    We cannot ... due to contracts.
    I am suddenly reminded of Star Wars.

    GF: "Perhaps you think you're being treated unfairly?"
    Hex: (swallows hard) "No."
    GF: "Good. I would hate to have to leave a garrison here."
    Hex: (to self) "This deal is getting worse all the time."

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    Great update.
    PvE Hex - At long last!

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    Wow. Those shards are going to be staples in every deck now

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    Hey, question, is Pupil of Creation actually a he as the description implies? I mean, I certainly don't mind if so (that'd be pretty cool actually), but the card art looks pretty definitively female (even given the usual elf androgyny), and given that the other card being invoked is Eye of Creation- Titania's card- I'm not certain if the "he"s used were intentional or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Svenn View Post
    Vennen decks seem like they could get pretty brutal. Can't wait for it!
    Exactly my kind of idea, might even bring Ushul in (for arena and PvE) and i am sure we get lots and lots of really cooll vennen tricks it's such a cool race.

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    Quote Originally Posted by poizonous View Post
    Its also nice to see Elves will be splashing into ruby
    I want to see a Ruby Elf! Maybe they will have some kind of acceleration, since Ruby has a few (Crimson Clarity, Scraptech Brawler).
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