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Thread: [Possible Bug?] Child of Rust made humans unable to ready up.

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    [Possible Bug?] Child of Rust made humans unable to ready up.

    Was doing arena when i faced Nelebrim Scout on tier 3 first battle, the scout used child of rust vs me and didn't target anything since I was running a human inspire deck, but then I noticed none of my cards started being able to ready up. (my cards on play at the time were Adamanthian Scrivener, Shield Trainer and Protectorate Clergyman.)

    it was my understanding from this wording “When this enters play, exhaust target opposing Dwarf or artifact. That card can’t ready while this is in play.” that it would mean only the target it exhausts would become unable to ready while it's in play, not every enemy card.

    Is this a bug or intended behavior?

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    Hi Zaqnak, thanks for your report.

    This actually has nothing to do with the Child of Rust. There is a Known Issue with Nelebrin Scout's charge power that makes it look like your troops are still alive when they are in fact dead. Symptoms of this include dead troops staying on the board, but not readying during your start of turn (since they're really dead). If you disconnect and reconnect to the game, the visual bug will clear up and you will see the true board state again.

    See further discussion here:

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