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Thread: Whats everyone looking forward to in set 3?

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    Whats everyone looking forward to in set 3?

    So what are you most excited for in set 3? (and updates/features coming with set 3)

    Im looking forward to weaker champ powers. Ever since i saw them before playing hex i thought they would have to much of an effect on the board, so looking forward to them having a less of an impact.

    And also hopefully a more interactive board state for limited. Wasn't able to play on the test server so idk for sure, but seems like card will be more interactive in set 3 with shift (and cards having more effects in general). Set 1 was simple on purpose i get that. Set 2 main mechanics were tunneling and inspire which while interesting, they dont interact much with the current board state. Always felt like hex draft was missing something compared to mtg, and iv been thinking it the lack of interacting cards, so im hoping set 3 will fix it!
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