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Thread: HEX Update - Armies of Myth Launch tomorrow

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    HEX Update - Armies of Myth Launch tomorrow

    We're launching AoM tomorrow!

    Read more:


    We are adding the Release Celebration AA rewards to the VIP tournaments this week as well.
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    The article mentions Bard rewards. Is there some way we have to let CZE know we participated in the Bard's Tale kickstarter?

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    I will be back Sunday night... Not much time for me to participate in the Celebration weekend. I care more about Brightmoon than Duplicitous so I need to burn through 4 tournaments asap :-/

    Id like to apologize for the above statement. I commented in a very juvenile and offensive way that rightfully angered some posters. I regret it and sincerely apologize.


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    Well! I may need to return to HEX

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    The moment we've been waiting for!

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    Much goodness!

    It will be a restless day at work tomorrow...

    @ Rapierian
    The KS mail from inXile says they will be mailing out Hex codes a few week after the KS closed, which happened on July 11th - so should be getting an e-mail from them fairly soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cotton View Post

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    Hype indeed! I can't wait for tomorrow!

    ... wait, the test client patcher never let me patch... Did you guys fix that bug?
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