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Thread: [Confirmed] Some users cannot accept ToS

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    [Confirmed] Some users cannot accept ToS

    Username : torquere
    Bug Description: The page seems to refresh on pressing accept for terms and condtions. I've done a full reinstall and repair. Several times. Still happens.

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    Same issue with same symptoms.

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    As a temporary fix, we believe setting your User Account Control to "Medium" and restarting your computer should allow you to progress past the Terms of Service screen. Some people also need to hit Repair after that as well.

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    where would I find user account control to put them on "medium"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smallfri View Post
    where would I find user account control to put them on "medium"

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    I need to accept the ToS to play...476 times.

    Clicking accept does nothing! It keeps asking like it doesn't believe me...I've done a clean install twice.

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    Also having this issue.
    Where the hex at!

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    I also have this issue.

    At first I was stuck trying to load files, and so I uninstalled and reinstalled like suggested. The install seemed to work fine but now I'm stuck on the Accept ToS page.
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