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Thread: Am I the only one who doesn't like the Spider's war of attrition design?

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    Am I the only one who doesn't like the Spider's war of attrition design?

    Sadly, I really don't like playing limited. It's a shame since Drafting is all I want to do, I don't like the Arena and I'm okay with constructed. Set 1 and Set 2, I've spent thousands of hours drafting and it was great. But now I've tested Set 3, a spider deck is forced on you every draft because there are plenty of cards there that supports that "archtype", someone is going to use those cards for the purpose they're designed for (putting eggs in your deck).

    The deck design idea is okay, don't get me wrong... but to make it an "archtype" like Dwarf Deck, or Human Deck is just annoying. It means I have to face this annoying war-of-attrition at least once per tournament. It forces me to avoid decks like Sapphire/Wild which are based on drawing faster (which helps them win faster?) and stick to more aggressive decks (because I really don't find the Vennen deck that fun.. I'd rather cut my self with a rusty blade than do that).

    I know this is my opinion and I'm sure a lot of people disagrees, but this is why these forums are created so we can discuss our opinion. I am just wondering if I'm the only one, it's sad since I honestly want to play draft but I'm not that excited about it with Set 03. I know Xen and Gwear will probably reply here and disagree with me with their PRing stunts; I just wanted to say it before that happens.

    I'm just sad Set 03 isn't fun for me as I wanted it to be because it feels I have to face a Milling deck every tournament, this is how spider decks feel. It's not fun... It's not about winning or losing btw, I think Spider Decks are balanced.. But they're annoying, as annoying as mill decks. I don't want to repeat myself but I am sure on the internet you do get misunderstood so let me summarize.

    1. Vennen spider decks are not OP, they are balanced (if not a little weak).
    2. I don't need help defeating them because I can.
    3. My dissatisfaction is the frequency of facing a deck that's not fun to play or play against, and is forced on us (it's not like the Mill option for Set 1 and 2.. the Mill deck was a rare thing to face during those sets).

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    Meh, my main beef is every time I have tried to play spiders I got my ass kicked horribly. including a sealed tourney where I opened not 1 but 2 phenteo's. I think I went 1 win 3 losses that time.

    So Im with you. Spiders suck! Beef them up some!

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    My spider decks get horribly crushed every time.

    The worst was a ruby wild ramp that got out 2 of those 'deal 2 damage to a troop every time you play a card of cost 5'...all my spiders died without accomplishing anything the rest of the game.

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    The same basic thing happened with set 2 where almost every single opponent was playing tri-shard humans.

    It should be fine when we aren't playing from all the same set.

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    I find red/green more annoying, as having that ramp champion is very hard to pass up. Spiders are a pain if you have the good cards to support it. Having 2 Phenteos would be a strong example of cards that support it. You might have lost but really you won when you opened that Sealed. As I type this I am playing a sealed with spiders because Phenteo is too good to pass up and complements nicely with the rare that doubles the egg sacks every turn. The thing is, you have to have the support because no deck wins on two cards. My support was not optimal but was good enough so far.
    The art work for opening the chest is very nice.

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    the ironic thing is that your card helps spiders so much

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    If what you propose at the start is a sort of rock-paper-scissors scenario, where aggressive decks beat spiders, tempo (which I assume is what you mean by white blue draw) beats aggressive, and spiders beat tempo, then this doesn't seem to be a problem. Actually it would mean that you can still draft tempo, since that will beat the aggressive decks which are inevitably going to be played, though it will lose to annoying spider deck.

    Even if the rock-paper-scissors thing isn't true, spiders has some serious issues beating a decent flyer rush. That white spirit eagle in particular tends to give me serious issues if I am playing spideys.

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    I mostly hate the randomness of the spiders, when even with 3 eggs if they proc really early you get a huge advantage. Being on the receiving end on a super lucky undeserved spider win is really annoying.

    I know there is a lot of randomness in drawing cards regardless, but spiders magnify that too much in my opinion.

    But it is what it is. Will just have to endure this cycle.

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    I agree ... Two sets of this

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    Hey Rana, not here to agree or disagree, just going to say I have used them, faced them, and all I can say is that they are very swingy. And I think thats fine. I also think there is an appropriate number of them going around (it makes a refreshing change from what humans had to offer.)

    But I do want to say, even 1-2 cards that create spider eggs can be strong in a non-spiders deck, simply because those little unblockable buggers can rack up the damage. I actually lost, while being a vennen deck, against a non-vennen deck that had Phenteo and a few Eggblight Afflictors - a few lucky draws (one game it was terrorantulas, the other it was the spawn) and he quickly took me down, while I got next to nothing myself.

    What it tells me is that some of the types of cards that might have been underlooked in other sets may just be very important in this set.

    Also - if I am not mistaken Rana, your vanity card gave me one of my favourite draft moments earlier today. Pure gold.

    I have to say, I am loving the decks I can make right now.
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