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Thread: Convocation arena drop rates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Svenn View Post
    And you're still missing the point. It's not about everyone getting everything. It's about actually being rewarded for time spent.
    What's the average 'reward for time spend' in your average F2P game? And how does that compare with Hex this week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bootlace View Post
    -In terms of drop rates, PvP players are the real ones getting screwed here. I had to stop drafting (even though that's what I wanted to do) because Arena yielded WAY better rewards for my time spent (not even taking into account the money investment, risk, and skill required in winning the drafts).
    Sounds like you got spectacularly lucky then. It's way more efficient to get 2015 packs by rare drafting than it is in arena. I don't have a problem with that.

    Quote Originally Posted by bootlace View Post
    -The Arena drop rates I believe have been nerfed because of the above
    Oh, well, if they nerfed the drop rate, no wonder some people think the event is fine. They made out like bandits with the higher drop rate. Hex has GOT to stop adjusting the drop rate on stuff like this. It's a killer. Just like with Urunaaz, it turns the customer base into the haves vs the have nots just based on who happened to be able to play before they 'fixed' the chances.

    Quote Originally Posted by bootlace View Post
    -I'm not a fan of the whole 'earn x tickets and redeem it for y item'. That really turns it into a non-fun time based grind in which you're working at below minimum wage (like those rep grinds I hate in WoW.
    But that is what is happening now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicosharp View Post
    you could still have tickets drop by rarity, so the items you choose are based on the RNG of the rarity you were rewarded.
    Ok this I'm onboard with...but wouldn't that create the same 'problem' you're trying to get rid off?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bootlace View Post
    What's the average 'reward for time spend' in your average F2P game? And how does that compare with Hex this week?
    My experience with Hearthstone was that it was pretty bad relative to Hex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hex_colin View Post
    It is a game. It's also a TCG. TCGs are money sinks. They always have been, they always will. No one needs all the cards and equipment, especially not ones that very few people will every play. If it's not fun for you, you probably shouldn't be grinding. That's the bottom line.

    Also, if people are grinding this much Gold, they're missing a HUGE opportunity by not trying to sell it to me and/or trying to get me to part with any extra stuff I got from GenCon. Just sayin...
    The PvP side is a TCG.

    The PvE distribution is something else entirely, and it's not really player friendly.
    PvE Hex - At long last!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodslave View Post
    My experience with Hearthstone was that it was pretty bad relative to Hex.
    It's hard to compare them, because Hearthstone is a CCG and not a TCG. But it's really easy to earn packs and gold in hearthstone. You can stack daily quests and earn enough for a pack in just a couple victories (and the games there are really short and quick)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hadry View Post
    Oh well, around 5 runs today win no drops at all. I dunno why some ppl think you can easy farm it on Arena. With DC you might get decent % of drops, but w/o it its not very good. Theres no paid PvE option to farm, tho theres no other way for PvErs than grind arena.
    Also just got the town crier bug, ruining a perfect tier, sigh. Im a bit low atm, time to go out a bit for flesh air.
    I really don't see why this event is bad for a F2Per. As a F2Per, you are going to need to farm arena a lot to play the PvP portion of the game. Farming the arena in a normal week nets you the standard gold and equipment; farming the arena when the event is still on gives you an (EXTRA) chance to get Convo pack besides gold and equipment. It's really a win-win for a F2Per. As a semi-F2Per(I have invested some money but chose to grind my way out for now), I just grind and not worry about getting anything. If I get them, heck yeah for bonus money/loot; if I don't get them, I still get the gold from arena(which is not nothing).

    Quote Originally Posted by Svenn View Post
    Less than $200? You're looking at like $120 just for Ozawas alone. Another $50+ for Storm Clouds. $30 for Stormcoat. That's $200 and you're still missing tons of stuff.

    What about the time part? That's the problem. Every single waking moment and not even being close to a full set is absurd. I'm only getting somewhat close (Still over $100 off, because Ozawas, Storm Clouds, and Stormcoat) and that's because I already spent probably $30-50 worth of plat on top of 70 hours grinding just to get where I'm at. That is an absurd amount of time and money for a time limited event to still be over $100 away from a playset.
    If you have grinded the arena for 70 hours, I am quite certain you have a lot of gold that can be converted to plat so you are definitely less than $100 away from a playset. I personally also don't get why you are still grinding away if you have figured out that grinding is not worth your time or something. I do have a choice to not grind after your realization of the drop rate. If you choose to continue on your grind and then being unhappy about it, then it's partially on you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by israel.kendall View Post
    If the stuff were easy to get we'd have threads of people complaining that everything's worthless.
    Right now it would be, but if they stay in business and grow the player base, eventually it won't be.
    PvE Hex - At long last!

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    I dunno, I keep thinking about Cory's quote from last year about how he wanted PVE and random matchmatching to be a viable option for people to get these types of rewards if they participated in the event, so people don't feel left out. Right now there's people participating very actively in the event and using those methods that are feeling left out. It's a limited time event that provides very specific PVE cards/equip/mercs for a limited amount of time, if you don't participate then you will have to buy them and that creates value, I'm okay with that. However, those that do participate shouldn't have this hard of a time obtaining the items they want and it simply makes people feel crappy if they aren't lucky enough to get drops.

    Frankly, it almost sounds like there is no faith that more new players will come after this event and desire these items and raise the value of them. If no new players join the game then we'd need everything to be this rare to maintain the value. If you have faith the playerbase will continue to grow then certainly you can see that it wouldn't hurt to give the currently active players a better chance at the rewards while the event is happening, as you would know that the value of them would still increase over time as more players join in down the road...

    Sorry I'm not being as optimistic and happy about this stuff as I usually try to be, but I've been particularly unlucky with this event and just feeling pretty depressed about all this stuff in general. I might also be biased cuz I have to support myself and 3 others with just my own income and it gets pretty tough sometimes, as much as I'd love to throw money at Hex I just can't afford it sometimes, but that's my problem no one elses. I just can't get past the limited time event PLUS hard RNG thing, it's too much.

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    In the back of my mind, I am worried that we havent seen the real pve grind yet. But it is ok if campaign/dungeons are fun, complex and diverse.

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