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Thread: Rare Resources / Reprints

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    Rare Resources / Reprints

    Hi HEXers,

    loving the game so far, even though I'm "only" doing PvE in the so far quite limited Arena mode. Still more fun than any other card game I've seen ;-)

    Like so many others here, my first and most long-term experience with trading cards was with another card game that uses a somewhat similar resource system to HEX. I like how HEX handles things differently here, but I also have a concern for the future: in this other game, there were a lot of rare or legendary resource cards, mostly for mana-fixing, but also for a variety of unique effects. Now I get why this can be exciting to have from a design position, but there is also a pitfall: having "better" (and thus more expensive) resource cards gives definite advantages while deckbuilding, particularly in multi-coloured decks. It helps decide the game before even the first card is played.

    A more expensive (in real money/platinum/gold) "resource base" is - in my eyes - a bar to entry for new players, and it detracts from the "real" cards, i.e., actions, troops, and so on.

    So, I would love to petition HexEnt/Cryptozoic to avoid making this kind of "exclusive advantage resource cards". Further, I'd love to see regular "reprints" of mana-fixing cards like the "Shards of ..."-cycle from Shattered Destiny, especially now that multi-coloured decks are officially a thing in HEX ;-)

    TLDR: Avoid making resource card "chase rares", it places an unnecessary bar to entry for new players and detracts from the "real" cards. Resources are a means to an end (i.e., playing cards), not an end in themselves.

    Right, let me know what you think and happy HEXing!

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    Really seems they are going a cycle with resources common,uncommon, rare. It is quite likely the next set of resources will also be rare simply because there are another 4 allegiances that need them and they have set the bar on allegiance resources being rare. I am hoping set 5 ends up with something common like shards of fate again though. If they choose to make set 4 resources human/shin/dwarf/orc and not have them rare I actually feel that would be worse then following this suggestion.

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    Given that a stronger resource base makes for a lot of really interesting decks, I just can't agree. I understand your concerns about cost and about barriers to entry, but at the same time opening up deck building options for older formats especially is really valuable. They are better off printing some really high quality shards now and then having them rotate out of standard sooner rather than later. On the question of rarity: rare or not - I actually don't car. I'm interested in power level here. My best GUESS is that the types of resources that would be most interesting for deck building would only be printed at rare, but I'm just as happy from a player perspective if they come in at uncommon)

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    Personally I'm not a fan of rare resources either since they set a ridiculously high bar for entry into constructed, but I can stand them as long as we get cards to mess with them like blood moon. Sadly since they magically vanish after you play them I doubt we'll get anything that satisfying though.

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    Last time the subject was discussed I was under the impression that many people on the forum wanted better shards and they argued that you can't make this better shards at a low rarity or it will be bad for limited. However, I'm also not a fan of good rare resources because that would be bad for the cost of entry.

    I think a way to make both groups happy would be to make future resources craftable cards. That way, you could make them cheap cards while still protecting limited.

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    I really don't think crafting should play any role in normal constructed PvP.

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    If they are worried that good shard-fixers should not take an uncommon slot for drafting, they could sell or award set specific "shard-boosters" separately.

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    Or, they could put good shards in the rare slot.

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    Yeah, that's the thing. We know what that looks like and it really isn't that bad.

    Also, I think it's worth addressing the idea that resources aren't the "real" cards and that they therefore shouldn't be expensive. I think this is just plain false. Resources can absolutely be as interesting a part of the game as any other card type. I mean hell, "Lands" is a deck in Magic and it's pretty interesting.

    Also, when it comes to mana fixers, there are really not that many cycles that are outlandishly expensive. The original dual lands are and part of that is because they are on the reserved list. If you look at the lands not on the reserved list, the fetchlands are the core of most decks and they came down a LOT in price when reprinted in Khans of Tarkir. The Zendikar fetches have a fairly good chance of being reprinted in Return to Zendikar, so I wouldn't be surprised to see their price go down substantially as well.

    I understand that constructed is expensive to get into, but that's going to be the case no matter what, and at least with good lands you get to reuse those cards across MANY decks, whereas if you want to buy, say, a playset of Tarmogoyf's there are plenty of decks that just don't play the card.

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    I support Hex on their rarity decisons. However, I do not support reprinting as to cripple pricing and use as a means to price fix

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