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Thread: The Celebrating my Friend Giveaway!!!

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    The Celebrating my Friend Giveaway!!!

    Hey everyone, I'm doing a giveaway, and it's because I'm celebrating my friend Will Wight's Birthday and new book release! You've likely seen me talk about him last year, or read his other series The Travelers Gate Trilogy. In a nutshell, my birthday gift to him was to purchase a bunch of copies of his Elder Empire book "Of Shadow and Sea", the parallel story to "Of Sea and Shadow", and the prequel to his new book "Of Darkness and Dawn" that he released on his Birthday as well. And now I'm giving them away, along with an assortment of Hex Goodies since he is a Hex backer too!

    The Giveaway is pretty simple. Post in here your favorite book, and your Keep name, and that qualifies you!

    What i'm giving away.

    1) 5 Set 1 Booster Packs (25 Total) given to 5 Random Winners
    2) 5 Set 2 Booster Packs (15 Total) given to 3 Random Winners
    3) 5 Set 3 Booster Packs (15 Total) given to 3 Random Winners
    4) 1 Storm of The Century (2 Total) given to 2 Random Winners
    5) 1 e-Book copy of "Of Shadow and Sea" (10 Total) given to 10 Random Winners
    *Anyone who win's a copy of the book, will also receive a Rare Quality Stardust

    The Giveaway will occur on Friday August 14th at 6pm EST. I'll take all of the names, randomize, list the winners, send out the booster packs, and contact the winners of the book for their e-mail to send it. Thanks for your time, good luck, and Happy Birthday to you Will!

    Edit: The Winners have been announced, here is the link to the new thread!
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    HEX Community Reading List!
    Need a cheap Fantasy Novel for your Kindle/Ipad from an amazing Author?? I'm shamelessly promoting my friend's new series The Elder Empire! It's a great series with two sides, two stories and tons of fun! The series is written as parrallel stories, so choose Shadow, Sea, or both and enjoy!

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    my favorite book of the moment is the unwanteds the island of shipwrecks and my keep name is strife

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    Thanks for doing this. Very generous.
    I shall have to look up his books.
    Hard to pinpoint my favourites, but for the purposes of this I'll say: the name of the wind (by Patrick Rothfuss). Keep name is mejis.

    EDIT: Happy birthday to Will!!
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    Thats cool! Happy birthday and congratulations to the book release!

    Personally, my favorite book is The Name of the Wind. Great story, still waiting for it to finish though

    My keepname is Assassin. Thanks for the giveaway, and have a nice birthday celebration!

    Edit: Hivemind Mejis! We should talk about a books bit^^

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    Current era for me is Brandon Sanderson (anything). I might say Mistborn is my favorite though.

    Keep name is Taleisin.

    Thanks! I'll have to look this series up for sure!

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    This is way too difficult. Favorite book? Just one?! I can't do it...

    The most intriguing fiction book I've read recently is "The Terror" by Dan Simmons - Interpretive historical fiction mixed with Simmons' signature grasp of well-researched fantastical elements.

    The most sheer-entertainment book I've read recently is "Ready Player One" by Ernest Cline - An epic geek-culture quest filled with far more than the mere Easter Eggs that the character is hunting.

    The most impressive and original fictional book I've read recently is "House of Leaves" by Mark Danielewski - A trippy pseudo-thesis written in a highly interactive style in which the book itself becomes a functional character of sorts.

    A great non-fiction discovery of late is "Chasing the Sun" by Richard Cohen - An attempt to explore humanity's relationship with the Sun in all of its many forms, from early worship to the rise of Solar Heliography, from art to film to industry and architecture and beyond. Essentially every page has some factoid on it that will shed some light (pun?) on something we take for granted every day. Fascinating stuff.

    ...anyway, I could go on. Books are great. I hope my lack of specificity doesn't disqualify me

    IGN: Greyhaven

    Cheers, and congratulations to your friend!
    The Unnamed Council - Community Admin

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    My favorite book? Man, I used to read so many books... there's some real good ones.

    I guess I will have to go with the original Dune by Frank Herbert. My keep name is Thugtown

    His books sound right up my alley btw :P
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    My favourite book is a bit of a toss-up. ^^;

    There's too many to list but I'd have to say the book I keep going back to would be Foundation by Isaac Asimov. I could list dozens more. Unfortunately, most of my favourite authors are dead.

    Also bonus audiobook versions of the original Foundation trilogy:

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    thanks for doing this, I love little givaways like this. Also, Happy Birthday to your friend Will Wight :-)

    My favorite book: Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Hienlien

    My keep Name: Sukebe

    I have a lot of books I would consider favorites but the this is the one that currently wins out. It really depends on my mood I think :-)

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    Always a tough call... My favorite book changes with my mood. I'm in a bit of a classics mood at the moment, so going with Slaughterhouse Five.


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