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Thread: HEX Invitational Qualifier Top 8 footage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xenavire View Post
    And what if there was some guy who concedes to someone who was about to lose, because said guy needs to go for IRL reasons and can't play the top 8, which in turn puts said other player in the top 8, knocking out someone else who would have otherwise qualified?

    The harder you try to enforce a rule like this, the harder it becomes to define the line of good or bad types of conceding (and whether a player conceded for a good or bad reason), and completely stopping conceding isn't an option. As long as we are allowed to concede games, or lose via disconnect, players will find a way to give themselves losses if it suits them, and the reasoning behind it doesn't matter unless collusion or bribery factor in.
    I see this cannot be enforced efficiently argument again.
    I'm talking in generalities now but it doesn't matter, people will always find loopholes in every law and rule or act against it when nobody sees it etc. This doesn't mean a rule shouldn't be made. If HXE makes a rule that says a contender cannot concede in favor of his teammates and there are sufficient evidence which says they did it then the rule can be enforced. The point is that there is actually a rule which sends a message that the company is not OK with this kind of behavior.
    Random example, not sure if it still applies since I haven't watched Formula 1 in a long time but there was a rule which said the same thing, a driver couldn't let his teammate in front of him just because his teammate had a better chance to win the championship by having more points. Now of course this could be exploited like every rule, if there was a codeword to use on the radio or they called one of the drivers to the pit for something it would be very hard to prove but still everybody knew this is not OK and the cases were investigated.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cirouss View Post
    Sorry about the offtopic, nothing personal but since the game and its competitive scene is new there will be a lot of controversial topics in the future, this can't be avoided since there are a lot people coming into the game from other different established esports with different rulesets and we as a community need to clear up these topics so HXE can take the different viewpoints into consideration.
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    Okay I want to get my own bit on this.

    So first off, makes me of course a bit sad that we are far away from topic and my video that I invested so much time in is just not as interesting as that.

    I don't consider myself a bad guy that like to abuse rules or anything, I didn't think about it as deep as what happened there. What done is done and I can't get back in time and resolve anything of this of course. And even though I beleive that, from the outcome of the other matches, it would have still been the same top 8, it is more important to me that people don't think I am a "cheater" or anything.

    I am a human and mistakes are part of our nature and if it is anyhow possible to recreate what would have happend by datadragon or so to see what happened if I would have not been top 8, than please take away what I got awarded from that tournament and give it to the other that would have made it.

    I know this is not the same, I am aware of what happened and do appreciate all your oppinions, what I want to say is that I don't want any bad blood going around and that is the best I can do.

    Of course I also want to apologize and that will obviously not happen again. However, now if there are consequences then it should be clearly defined as a rule or something.

    Again, I am truly sorry and hope you can understand my position. I think I have shown my love for this community and the game in the past years and I don't want to be the bad guy for a wrong choice that I am willing to take consequences for.

    And thank you for your thoughts on the video so far for those who commented on that!
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    I really think we are all making a bigger deal out of this than it needs to be. There are many reasons why someone might want to concede a game be it to help a teammate or because they might not have time to play the next few rounds. Sure it may affect other other people but it is still their decision on if they want to win or lose the game(bribery aside).

    Losing the ability to concede in the end doesn't matter because we can still lose by time. Colin said the other day something to the tune of my opponent is free to use their time how they please if they want to waste it then its a free win for me(apologies if thats not how you meant it) but in tune is the same thing we are talking about. If someone wants to waste time or give themselves a disadvantage it is their choice.

    Long story short as a few people have already said if someone wants to lose they will. Defining what bribery is, is important and should not be tolerated but if someone wants to give someone else a free win for nothing? It should be their choice.

    To echo what jtatta said this is unfair to all those involved. As has been stated by the officiating party nothing was done wrong here please don't try to vilify people that don't deserve it.

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    This thread is another one in the long list of ridiculous ones and completely unnecessary. Things similar to this have happened in ccgs for decades. When you play a friend in the last round, or an acquaintance, teammate, whatever, concessions happen. You don't have to offer anyone anything, people just help people out. There's nothing wrong with it at all and I'm not sure why anyone is stirring this pot making Cirouss clearly feel bad for something that he shouldn't feel bad for. That's ridiculous and not fair to Cirouss.

    In regards to luck as stated earlier, you need a little bit of it to do well in events such as these. Skill goes a long way but you can be the best player in the world and still need a bit of luck to advance. That said, the best players will end up on top, usually, regardless of format. That's because they make minimal mistakes and use their card pool optimally. You don't need a bomb card pool with 5 rares to cut through an 8-round limited event but you do need play skill and a clear head. My draft deck clearly didn't go as planned, due to me being blood/wild, and just got dispatched easily by Cirouss in the top 8 as the video shows. He didn't need much luck to crush me. I felt like I got cut from both sides and ended up with a deck I would rate a 4 out of 10, definitely not good enough to win the event.

    Cirouss, it was fun playing you. Don't let this get you down. You earned your placing and good luck in future events.

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    Given the digital environment, how would you really even enforce the issue?

    "No player can concede from a match" - So the player just plays real slow and lets his timer run out.

    "No player can willfully lose a match to an opponent" - How do you judge a player's ability to play a game? A skilled player can "Act" like he made a mistake. I have made plenty of stupid mistakes that could be thought of as throwing a game.

    It is impossible to enforce something like this. Was it Collusion? I doubt it. I do not doubt that collusion will happen in the future. If this is a concern then perhaps PvP is not your game. I have decided not to play in the tournaments due to the way I feel that luck does play to large of a part in this game. Yes skill has a part as well, but I feel the % is just not high enough to warrant the real frustration I would feel not being able to deal with a bad draw situation. That is my choice and so I am more focused on the PvE aspect now.

    Just hope it never gets as bad as Online Poker got. Collusion among players is not the worst case scenario.
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    Cirouss, just wanted to say thanks for all the time you put into putting together the footage. I'm not normally a stream watcher, but I'm planning to give this a look as someone that hasn't done a lot of drafting and wants to learn how to do it better.

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    I always like some offline footage of an exciting event that I can watch at my liking (e.g. fiveshards cup with shoutcasting, I love it!). I will give your video a go as well Cirouss, thanks for the effort already And congratz on making it to the finals! Getting that close I can only imagine the adrenaline at that point!

    On the flip side, I'm also really psyched ne0 made it to the Invitational, I think he's an awesome streamer and a great representative for attending this awesome event!

    Well done chaps!

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    Cirouss I look forward to watching your vid and will provide feedback afterwards. The made up controversy here is ridiculous. Grats to the t8 and ne0 for winning
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    Kind of wish i didn't say anything...
    I'll just say do not mistake me sharing my opinion for me thinking that the issue is a big one or important. I just find it interesting and polarising.
    Me saying it was bad sportsmanship was poorly worded. I guess more accurately i just feel it's not the ideal in terms of the purity of results.
    I think the concept is pretty controversial though, it has my own opinion split down the middle. It just isn't against the rules nor should it be which is the important part.

    And yes, i was totally lucky. Super lucky and thankful for it. Totally not the most important component though.
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    So no bribing or anything, just someone essentially saying "Hey, I know you, I like you, I'm top 8 for sure so I'm just gonna conceded the match to guarantee you get in too."?

    Am I understanding that correctly? Cause if I am...and that's what this huge fuss is about, we need a /facepalm emote.

    Congratulations on making it to second Cirouss and thanks for taking the time to put that video together.
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