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Thread: Can anything be done to stop people from gaming the system?

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    Anyone else worried that people can game the system?

    Is it more difficult for a solo player to obtain IQ tickets than a group of friends?

    Let's take for instance a solo player versus a group of 12 friends. (I'm using 12 since there are 12 invitational spots.)

    Currently, Daily Sealed tournaments are firing around 30-40 players on average.
    Currently, Daily Constructed tournaments are firing (when they do) 16-20 players on average.

    If a bare minimum 16 player daily constructed fires, this should be the end results:

    Players | Record | Prize
    (1) 4-0 10 packs
    (4) 3-1 6 packs
    (6) 2-2 2 packs
    (4) 1-3
    (1) 0-4

    If 12 friends enter the Daily Constructed tournament, and all but one of them get at least 2 wins. They make their entry (6000 platinum) back and then some (total winnings: 48 packs). As far as I'm aware, there is nothing to prevent players from doing this.

    This includes but not limited to communication between players during a draft in an attempt to gain advantage; win boosting strategies; or tournament blocking strategies among teammates.
    There is nothing to prevent players from getting on Skype or Ventrilo or TeamSpeak and sharing all kinds of information while in a tournament. Basically, players can control the flow of a small scale tournament like the Daily Constructed and possibly Daily Sealed with a large enough player base.

    I mean, who's to say a guild is farming IQ tickets through collusion and who's to say guildmates aren't just playing at the same time, something you'd see in an MMO?
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    Matt, that's the crux of the problem. You can't stop any of this. You have to hope that the population grows enough to dilute it's effect.
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    I can say absolutely for certain that the team that has a member that has currently qualified in the 100k tournament didn't do any of that crap. So, any team that has to resort to those measures is just worse than my team in every way. =P
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    Um someone reiterate the problem for slow people please..?
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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfCrypt View Post
    Um someone reiterate the problem for slow people please..?
    If a large enough group of friends enters a small enough tournament, they can control the reward distribution and possibly the entire outcome through collusion. (Meaning they share info about the card pool, opponent decklist, etc.)

    It's one of the downfalls of online gaming, since devs can't really do anything if players use third party player interactions (Skype, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, whisper, heck ever a basic IM) for nefarious means.
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    basically you have an advantage whenever you know what cards are in your opponent's deck and they don't know what cards are in your deck

    the only "solution" is to give both players the exactly same information advantage by revealing the deck

    another workaround is to not reveal player names so that people can keep their identity secret, which keeps their deck contents more secret than it would be otherwise

    the rest of the ways to "game the system" aren't as big of a deal because you actually have to lose a match to get knocked out

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    For just getting IQ tickets it's likely to not matter(even though I don't think people are doing that). Other than that first tourney which had a shortened time window you should be able to just play a lot to get enough tickets. I'm probably gonna end up with more tickets than I can use before this is all over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfCrypt View Post
    Um someone reiterate the problem for slow people please..?
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    In general, no. The reason...... who plays these games? We are gamers. When you hand us a situation, and an objective, the first thing we all do is look at that situation and attempt to find means to achieve that objective. That's why we are all here. Now the rules are in place, and most people (I think and hope) understand what is and isn't right. But no matter how you define the rules, there will always be a gray area, or an area where people disagree if it's "really cheating" or whatever, and as Colin said, enforcement can be a real pain on the internet.

    Hex can (and should) monitor patterns of players being in tournaments together, or unusual win/loss patterns, and should warn players if their behavior looks suspicious, just as the British sports books will pull a game off their lines if suddenly there is a suspicious pattern of betting.

    But at the end of the day, if you're choosing to attempt to earn tickets for an IQ, you are showing belief that the playing field is level enough that you don't think that gamesmanship is going to negatively effect the final outcome. Based on what I've seen in the sealed and constructed dailies I've played, that rings true for me.
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    Basically anyone not on a team is Loki.

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