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Thread: Hex Primal 1-Year Anniversary Giveaway!

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    Cool Hex Primal 1-Year Anniversary Giveaway!

    One year ago, Bootlace and I launched – a Hex fansite/portal to help new and old players alike be more informed, immersed, and invested in Hex and all that it offers. It’s been a roller-coaster ride and one we’ve been thrilled to be a part of. The amazing players, staff, and game is constantly inspiring us to do better and provide more value for the community.

    To celebrate Hex Primal’s 1-year Anniversary and to thank everyone for their support, we are doing a giveaway. All you have to do to enter is to answer the following question:

    What is your favorite Hex-related moment/anecdote from 2015?

    All who enter by Sunday October 25th will automatically receive 10,000 Gold (Please don’t post from multiple forum accounts).

    The 10 best entries, chosen at our discretion, will also receive one of the following prizes:

    - 1 AA Buccaneer Sleeves
    - 2000 Platinum
    - 1 Shards of Fate Primal Pack
    - 1 Shattered Destiny Primal Pack
    - 2 Armies of Myth Primal Packs
    - 15 Shards of Fate Booster Packs
    - 15 Shattered Destiny Booster Packs
    - 15 Armies of Myth Booster Packs
    - 1 Shards of Fate Primal Chest
    - 1 Shattered Destiny Primal Chest

    Please make sure to leave your in-game Name with your entry. All prizes (including the participation Gold) will be sent upon the conclusion of the giveaway on Sunday October 25th 23:59 PST.

    Can’t wait to read everyone’s stories...


    Contest is now over. Thanks to everyone for sharing their favorite moments! Your stories have shown once again how fun the game is and what a great community we are a part of.

    Winners and their prizes:

    nicosharp - 1 AA Buccaneer Sleeves
    Legan - 15 Armies of Myth Booster Packs
    facade - 15 Shards of Fate Booster Packs
    Rabbiton - 1 Shattered Destiny Primal Pack
    KorbenDallas - 1 Shards of Fate Primal Chest
    Alludra - 2000 Platinum
    pjvedder - 1 Shards of Fate Primal Pack
    Iremirror - 1 Shattered Destiny Primal Chest
    Reckless - 15 Shattered Destiny Booster Packs
    reckoning - 2 Armies of Myth Primal Packs

    1,060,000 Gold was sent to 106 participants on top of the above.

    Users with no valid IGN specified (please PM me your IGN for your prize):
    - HaemishM
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    About 3 weeks ago, I entered a draft and pulled a silly deck together with a few rares.
    My Round 1 opponent, and I had two quick games tying 1-1.
    In our third game, things were looking good for me until he played his 2/2 shift lifegain troop, and abominated on top of him. I had no threats to both sustain the life-gain/kill the troop/pressure enough damage.
    A Storm Drummer sat in play next to a 3/2 treeguard, and 3/1 bladedancer
    Nothing in my hand but a Zakiir's Whim with the Rhino's Wild Major gem.

    Every once in a while magic happens, that both players can't seem to get angry with and just appreciate elements of RNG:

    The nice thing about this story, is a quick chat following this luck, lead to a new guild member that is fun to interact with on a daily basis.

    In 2015, although HEX still lacks guild features, the most rewarding thing has been growing the guild full of interested HEX players that have the same hopes and dreams for HEX, and that are all creative and unique individuals. While a lot of the guild is focused on older, career minded players, with not as much time available to commit fully to testing, I feel we have found ways to be efficient in how we learn and adapt, that has allowed many of us to stay competitive in 2015 and thrive.

    The community is often hailed as being the best, and while I don't think it's fair to claim that title, the people that are finding time to play HEX competitively now, are finding the time to be impactful in their own way and find a community that works for them. I hope 2016 brings more tools to help players participate in sub-communities, and feel more immersed in the game they are enjoying.

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    "hey look what I found, EXACTLY what I needed!" -Alucard2004 (04-Jan-15)

    Everytime i hear thi on Alucard stream ... its too offen

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    my most recent stand out moment is actually related to a comp on here....

    colin set the challenge not so long back to use highland blackbelt to defeat an opponent and win a prize from him, now i thought hell this will be hard enough to open let alone kill someone with and long story short i open her first pack and in my first game she stays in from round two all the way to the end while im abusing the champ reversion power to create more cards for her to use and then finish my opp off with her dealing 4x damage!.
    guess it wasnt so impossible....
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    My favorite moment/game would have to be a draft I did last year with set 1.

    I drafted white/blue flying, as that was one of the stronger color combos. As it was, so did my opponent. Our decks were pretty close to identical with just a few exceptions. We started game one and as it turned out, our only real game. We kept answering each others threats. We both appeared to draw resources at the same time and just kept holding each other off. Our avatars both had flying and we got each other down low health around the 10th turn. From there on, we matched play until I ran out of cards and lost. I ended up losing the match due to time as I had 1 minute left to play after the first game. I have played many drafts but never had a draft that felt longer than the hour that one took.

    Of course the main reason I ran out of time was because we talked so much during the match. It was a lot of fun answering each play, knowing that at any moment somebody should get the killing blow. That never happened.

    So I suck at reading. 2015 hmm...

    I suppose my best moment would have to be when Both me and my opponent won the first two games by 1 health. He played Spiders while I played red/white speed. In theory red/white speed usually can beat spiders due to the time it takes for the spiders to start coming out. The first game, I got him down to 4 before he could stabilize. Then he not only had the blockers, but also hit a pocket of spiders. Now he was hitting me every turn without me being able to answer. I kept drawing resources instead of answers. I got a skewer but it could not remove the 1/4's by itself. I chose to hit one of the spiders to bring him down to one in the hopes that I could draw my second skewer. Alas he got me before I could. The second game took a little longer as his control removed my strong threats while his creatures kept my weaker threats back. I got through again removing parts of his life, but he had a vamp princess that helped him soften the blows. As my air defense was pretty weak, that princess, along with a Vilefang Eremite had manged to get me down to 2 health. I had drawn a deathmask after his removal and had gotten it up to a 7/1. I used a skewer too remove the princess but got on the wrong end of a spider pocket that brought his life too 3 and mine to 1. This time I got the 2nd skewer. The third game I over ran him as he did not draw a response to my deathmask. I have since never had two consecutive games that went down to one health.
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    The art work for opening the chest is very nice.

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    How can I tell you my best 2015 moment when we have months to go? What if PVE is released before the end of the year and it's amazing and the best Hex moment all year?
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    This happened on the last Sealed VIP Tourney in September. Somehow, I won all 4 of my games in the tourney with a deck I thought was hot garbage. Turns out I was wrong. The deck is listed below, and I only have it listed because it was listed on the web page for the undefeated VIP tourney decks. It was kind of a Ruby/Blood aggro deck, but the 3 biggest bombs turned out to be Gront's Gift, Soul of Battle and Demon of Dusk, both of which won me 2 rounds each. Lots of cheap troops (the Demon and Duskwing Reclaimer was the most expensive at a 5 drop) with Gront's Gift set up to use the Ruby damage gem. Fun fact: when Gront's Gift creates a zombie, it doesn't revert the troop in your graveyard that you use. So if that troop had +2 atk added to it, like with Urgnock's charge power, that +2 atk gets applied to the zombie. So instead of a 2/2 zombie that does 2 damage when it comes out, it can be a 4/2 zombie that does its damage to the opponent. And guess what? You can cast Soul of Battle on it before it does the damage, turning a 4/2 into 8 damage immediately. I won 2 games with that combo alone.

    Player: MacLennan
    Champion: Urgnock
    1 Abominate
    1 Ashwood Blademaster
    1 Ashwood Soloist
    9 Blood Shard
    1 Demon of Dusk
    1 Duskwing Reclaimer
    2 Emberleaf Duelist
    1 Emperor’s Lackey
    1 Fiery Indignation
    1 First Blood
    1 Giant Spiderspawn
    1 Gront’s Gift
    1 Lunge
    1 Rotting Knight
    8 Ruby Shard
    1 Scraptooth Cackler
    1 Soul of Battle
    1 Staggering Blast
    1 Untamed Duskwing
    2 Vampiric Kiss
    1 Veteran Raider
    2 Woolvir Baa’sher

    Rotting Knight socketed with Blood Orb of Hatred
    Gront’s Gift socketed with Prime Ruby of Destruction

    Sealed. It's never quite as clear as it seems.

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    I think I'll go for my story of a mono sapphire set 3 comp draft I did a few months ago.

    I open my first pack for the draft and see a Thunderfield Elder which is always a nice card to start off with. Getting that first pick I decide to pick up every Sapphire action and thunderfield seer I see but picking up other sapphire cards if I don't see any of those specific mentioned cards. By the end of pack one I had 11 playable cards in my deck and jokingly said "man Wakuna crowfeather would be amazing right now"
    So my pack 2 rare is Wakuna Crowfeather and at this point I'm pretty happy. I continue to pick all sorts of Sapphire cards and eventually end with 20 cards in my deck. At this point I jokingly say "Man Indigo dreamwalker would be amazing now"
    I didn't get the Dream walker but I did get a sunsoul Phoenix which wasn't playable at the time but it was my first one. I accept that it is a good card and prepare to go back to picking up the sapphire cards but in pack 2 I find I have been passed an Augur of Sirion which was just hilarious. I stick to the plan picking up sapphire cards.
    At this point I don't remember the final deck because it was so long ago but I can post what I remember 3 cripple, 3 thundefield seer, 4 sacred seekers, 2 lightning braves, 3 arcane focus, 2 incutbation webs and the mentioned rare cards plus others cards in the reserves because I had like 30 playable cards total and couldn't use them all. MY champion was Webweaver Thox because I had to stick to mono sapphire.
    I won the first round pretty easily with a 2-0. I have so much draw power and removal that my opponent couldn't keep up.
    I unfortunately lost the 2nd round to hitting 5 of the 6 spider eggs in my deck within 2 turns (turn 3 draw and turn 4 draw) in game 1. winning game 2 then in game 3 hitting 7 of 8 spider eggs by turn 5.

    Or though I lost I enjoyed this draft more than any other. Every single pick of the draft was amazing playing straight into what I was trying to do. I lost to some unlucky spider rng but I didn't mind in this case because the draft phase had brought me so much joy. Probably the most joy i've ever got from a draft.

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    My favorite Hexperience is definitely when they opened the doors for Arena testing on the beta server. I finally got to check out all the equipment, what I had been waiting for ever since the kickstarter finished. I put together a number of decks and got to pilot them through the whole arena. It didn't really matter to me that some of the champions were buggy or that the AI was fairly dreadful, because I finally got to try out some min-maxxed decks against deck after deck. My favorite part was probably creating a nice mono-wild aggro deck that was able to perfect the arena in fairly good time. This was back when War Bot needed 20 charges to fire, so I was able to handle him with little difficulty. In fact, I remember being surprised when I saw the first "Nerf War Bot!" threads pop up, because he was so much of a pushover. Then I hopped on the server and met an unfortunate surprise :P

    If I recall, my mono wild deck list should be posted somewhere in the Beta forums. In any case, finally getting at the full deckbuilding experience is definitely the best thing since alpha launched.
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    A couple weeks ago I had R/D deck in competitive draft against a W/S mightsinger alyandra deck. Game 3, my opponent was at 15 life and had a Gigantsaur, 2 Runeweb Infiltrators, and a Lithe Lyricist. I had a Sunsear, was down to 5 life, and only 1 card in hand. Pretty bleak.

    The one card was an Army of Myth I cast for 7 / two troops. I pulled an Avenging Angel and a Te'talca. My opponent drew a 3rd Runeweb, and decided not to attack in trading the Gigantasaur for the Te'talca. On my turn I topdecked my Soul of Battle. Activate Te'talca killing a Runeweb, swing with the Angel, one Runeweb blocked, played the Soul of Battle, and crushed over for exactly lethal with the 4x damage Angel. Probably the most unlikely win I have pulled in this game.

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