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Thread: IQ Results - And what the real problem is with the current metagame

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtatta View Post
    Another solution, and one someone has already mentioned but is worth mentioning again, is make it work like you think it should. If I Murder your RF with the damage gem on the chain, I shouldn't take 8 damage. Not even sure why it acts like that, to be different from MTG I guess? Just doesn't make sense that some effects stop but others that you think should just don't.
    If Rootfather is an MTG card, it would work the same way as it does in this game. Killing the Rootfather doesn't affect the trigger because it will just go by last known information of its power. Note that this is different from the fight mechanic. So removing Crocosaur in response to the trigger will invalidate the fight because the fighting troops need to be in play to actually "fight".

    Of course the ideal case is to have this game release its own comp rulebook.

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    I didn't mean to start a discussion about Hex rules compared to MTG or other games. We can strike that topic. The rules for Hex would be a good thing to release, I agree there. I think all the other points about the gem are pretty valid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by selpai View Post
    They had no business hosting a major tournament with so many bugs in their game. None. At. All. That's the real issue here; before any talk of what the meta is like or how much interactivity the game has, the rules are inconsistent in an environment where they cannot be negotiated.

    Fix your damn game Cory.
    Yeah I agree with this overall. The amount of *known* bugs which have been known for 3+ months on end is extremely high right now, and nothing has been done about any of them. Many of those bugs prevent basic mechanics for cards from working at all (copies, wild root dancer, copies of escalate cards, the list goes on) and some (like the Angel bug), are having a consistent effect in competitive games.

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    I strongly agree with the feelings of frustration about this game and the lack of interactivity. This Constructed format is just not fun.

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    Damage gem should just be removed. Should see gem changes more frequently than we have imo. By block at the longest.

    My issue with the interactivity thing is that we're losing more and more ways to interact with the chain, some effects go on the chain and resolve automatically. Some resolve automatically only if you don't do something, the arrow analogy that ossuary has used before is ridiculous, you can cripple the root father and he deals less damage after the damage has been put on the chain. But removing him doesn't stop it? That doesn't behave at all intuitively. There is a muddling of the intent of the game going on with the devs right now. Random resolutions of order, removing hold priority. You already can't do everything with digital cards that you can do with physical cards, every single way the rules system is simplified in PVP is one more loss of a way the cards can interact. It makes the game less and it makes individual effects more abusable since the game engine is just automatically resolving them with no ability to interact.
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    troops can snowball much faster than a one-off damage gem, but as long as crocosaur exists nobody will play troops so you don't get that pressure of actually needing to defend your life from things swinging at you

    and the reaction to that is a lot of blood decks that don't need to worry about tempo (because nobody plays troops), so they play the discard game and win with like 1 threat that you can't answer

    tunneling is another strategy that doesn't care about tempo because it's about ignoring the current board state to optimize far future board state

    same with incantation of ascendance

    all these decks were much weaker when they had to deal with robot or cereulean aggro. but crocosaur removed all those decks from the game, so this is what you get

    what you see as a problem is what others saw as the solution for dealing with crocosaur

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    Back when people were talking about banning Titania's Majesty my proposed solution was just to change / replace that gem, I am glad someone with your level of TCG experience is thinking along similar lines

    I think Set 4 could have been designed with answers to this kind of stuff, but if PvE is the big push then when are we going to get it?

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