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Thread: Petition: Bring back 221 while we wait

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    Quote Originally Posted by knightofeffect View Post
    Except they never said that earlier sets will never be draftable again? Except they haven't even officially committed to what the actual rotation schedule will be like or when they will even consider enacting one?

    So are you talking about an unconfirmed hypothetical situation with a hypothetical response by a certain group of people? Or did I misread that.

    Once a set goes out of print, it goes out of print. That's as simple as it is. Unfortunately, that conversation is completely irrelevant to the current situation seeing as there is nothing even close to out of print yet.

    Shattering trust??? Color me baffled.
    Calm down. There's no need to get hostile about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harwinne View Post
    Calm down. There's no need to get hostile about it.
    No hostility buddy, just abject bemusement :P.

    The implication that bringing back set 1 and 2 draft could somehow shatter trust in HXE is a pretty toxic concept. Especially considering Cory has even stated in the past that he wants previous blocks to be draftable.

    Let's take it a step further and play your own game...

    I would be surprised if there isn't a point when sets start to rotate out of print. That's just what happens in TCGs of this sort. There's no telling when that is or exactly what it will look like, but I think we all want the game to exist long enough for it to be nessesary. Well, in other TCGS, you know what comes with set print rotations? Reprint sets, hell let's call them editions.

    I can just hear the "collection value" group now decrying the decision to reprint staples like AoD, Vamp King, Extinction, etc. :P

    Again, all of the above is tounge-in-cheek and none is relevant to the current discussion as we just aren't to the point of needing to consider sets going out of print, and the concept of not being able to use in-print sets in limited play is pretty blasphemous in the TCG religion.

    But I digress, no personal attacks, no hostility, just passionate about not letting people twist hypothetical situations and incorrect assumptions about what HXE said they would do to try and support a point of view that I think is detrimental to the game.

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    I definitely want reprint sets - a fresh combination of long abandoned sets makes for a lot of fun. Pretty much every major TCG has done it, and I look forward to Hex's first set of it, complete with new art/set symbol to set them apart. Even imagining a draft pack where you have to choose between Buccaneer and Sandstone Rumbler, or Murder and Vanguard of Gawaine would be an interesting set of choices, not to mention all the future draft staples we might see - and it would give Constructed an interesting flavour too. VK legal while AoD isn't? Or Rootfather illegal while Azurefate is a staple? I could see a lot of interesting decks that could be made with certain picks of sets.
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    that could be a guild feature or not?
    you will be able to make in-guild tournaments... why not in-guild drafts?
    all you need is the pacts and there you go... then you can do 1-2-3. 1-1-1. 1-5-2 and whatnot
    but i think currently there are hotter topics
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    Well, after just waiting around for half an hour and watching the competitive draft queue tick up to 4 and back down to 0, I'm giving up on drafting tonight, and will probably be taking a break for awhile. I do not know why they won't just implement some alternate draft mode or even comment on it.

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    Part of the problem with some of the arguments about rarity and prices is that we don't know exactly what the future plans for sets and blocks are. Is set 4 the last set for the first block? Is set 5? Will they have a reprint edition that has cards from sets 1-3 with new art? I don't see anything about it on the web site. All I hear is bits and pieces and hearsay from previous interviews.

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    The problem is that the sets 1 and 2, still in format. Therefore players should be able to play drafts on these sets just like it goes in MTGo. Set 1 was almost entirely in the alpha test and a closed beta test. Misalignment of the market now suggests that it is necessary to equalize the situation. Imagine what will be the price of the cards from the 1/2 sets in the middle of set 4! How can new players enter the format?
    The draft queues moves slowly, precisely because people have tired of the third set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HaemishM View Post
    Part of the problem with some of the arguments about rarity and prices is that we don't know exactly what the future plans for sets and blocks are.
    Actually, we do know this. Set 1 & 2 are a block. Set 3 & 4 are a block. And if I'm not mistaken after Set 4 we will be moving to a 3 set block. So Set 5-7 will be a block and 8-10 and so on. This has been stated a while back.

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    Set 3 has to be my least favorite set to draft thus far. I would gladly welcome just about any alternative at this point tbh. I'm holding out hope that 3/4 will be more enjoyable, but that could still be quite a ways out.

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    +1 for bringing back sets 1+2 for drafts.

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