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Thread: Constructed gauntlet?

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    Constructed gauntlet?

    I just saw in patch notes:

    Constructed Gauntlet tournaments are now best-of-three with reserves

    Does that mean we must play 3x the games to just get 6 packs at end?

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    Between 2 and 3 games instead of 1 game, and that x5, yes. But this allows for reserves, and actual meta decks, rather than just 1-hit wonders.
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    I can't make my mind up whether I like this change yet..

    Previously it was a little annoying that you couldn't play reserves and tailor your deck against your opponent, but now having to play over twice as many games for the same rewards seems like quite an undertaking..

    I suppose it's more like a proper constructed environment now and not the '1-hit wonders' it was previously, but now I think it's slightly less casual..

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    Gauntlet finally can be taken seriously, the profit is low due to the pack prices but at least the games will be good practice.
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    increase the reward by a pack and its all fine

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    When i tested construct gauntlet, i found this turnament expensive and useless for train because it's Bo1. IMO it's the best news of this patch .

    edit : And could be frustrating, battle an unfair / linear / all in deck where you need specific answer (so side card). Follow by a problematic variance in Bo1 u can't recover in next game .
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    Wish they would have done the same thing with Sealed.
    The art work for opening the chest is very nice.

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    Seems poor for players already in a constructed gauntlet who might only have a 60 card deck and no reserve and now for the rest of their gauntlet run they face-off against decks better prepared for the match-up in games 2 and 3. I guess a short-term pain and limited people will be affected by this change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahes View Post
    Wish they would have done the same thing with Sealed.
    I couldn't disagree more. Sealed Gauntlet is right now a wonderful diversion from drafts and daily tournaments that already require enough time. Changing sealed gauntlet to BO3 would be terrible, imho.

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    This certainly invalidates Constructed Gauntlet for me, just as I was about to get my feet wet. Constructed is not for everybody, and the Gauntlet idea was kind of low bar entry for players who wouldn't want to worry about 15 reserve cards and when to use what card.

    This is a bad change in my opinion - especially as it hasn't been advertised before (see Hammer's post above).
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