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Thread: Zakiir's whim - anyone lived the dream?

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    Zakiir's whim - anyone lived the dream?

    Hi everyone,

    During the last competitive draft I decided to live the dream with Zakiir's whim. Given that I was playing R/W this did not seem such a bad choice (I socketed it with the Rhino gem). There have been many stories about other random generating cards such as Army of Myth or Born of the Flame that are reasonably powerful, but I just wanted to know if you have any good one with Zakiir that's just whim

    Here is mine that is sadly quite average
    Played it when attacking with Ashwood soloist, storm drummer and 3/2. Soloist got blocked and I did not want to take the chances, so I cast the whim on storm drummer transforming it into Scrapyard Dynamo and spawning a Rhino on damage. Rhino got blocked next turn and Dynamo removed with Taint as it was direct threat with nothing to block it effectively trading 2 for 2.

    So next time, you see Zakiir smiling on you, put him into the deck and live the dream - looking forward to your stories!

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    I usually use him to either guarantee myself a Rhino or get +1/+1 on all my troops by casting it on whichever troop my opponent doesn't block. Have yet to get a truly awesome troop from it though.
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    I've seen a few good uses of it, but every time I draft it I always seem to push it out in favor of something else. I keep wanting to try it though. The guaranteed rhino trick that Colin posted is a good one.

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    I have thought of using it in a constructed Ruby as an alternative source of card draw/removal, but it never really fit the curve I think.
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    Yes - I posted my story on another thread, but basically hit a Triumvirate to win a draft.

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    i got a spellshielded tianoost once ^^
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    I have always gotten terrible troops when i played zakiirs whim but my opponents have had some decent hits. Previously I had an opponent get an Argus but because they had attacked with it they never got to void anything and I had the removal for it so I didn't get completely crushed.

    Most recently in an event yesterday I had a cressida opponent attack in with a couple of troops including a soloist but they had only 3 resources open and didnt use the charge power before the attacks so ended up whimming after combat - which was lucky for me since they got an arborean rootfather. i didn't check what other gems it got just thanks my lucky stars and killed it with parriphagy .
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    I tried to live the dream one time and cast it with the +1/+1 gem onto an unblocked troop only to have it transform into a *&^#% dingler. From that day forth I swore to never play that pos card again.

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    I got an Etherdrake from it once in draft. Does that count?

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    I have used it once or twice and never got to play hit.

    I have gotten it played against me as a removal to a direct threat on the other hand!
    It seems my opponent was not very pleased to see that an Argus popped up on my board with an unrelevant socket.

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