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Thread: A Message from Cory

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    A Message from Cory

    Hi HEXers! Cory wrote a message for the community detailing 2015 and PvE.

    Read more:
    -Phenteo, Former Community Manager and Egg Giver
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    Thanks Cory and the team nice to look at the successes and the future of hex looks bright
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    Great news, sounds like pve will be sooner then I expected.

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    Thanks Cory, and Happy Holidays!

    I look forward to what the new year brings for Hex!

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    Official PvE Announcement

    We will not be launching PVE before the end of this year. Technically, the PVE patch is done, but there are a few too many bugs to launch it right now and I would much rather slip slightly then give players a broken experience.
    Remember, we will have a large number of players coming back for this patch. As proud as I am at what the team has accomplished, I don’t want a trivial bug to ruin what could be HEX making a great impression on a passionate TCG player. This is why we had to make the hard decision to move the launch to the very beginning of 2016. I am sorry for the delay, but it should be a short wait.
    Those of you complaining about no PvE news. You happy now?

    It's close! I'm getting excited!
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    hate delays but love when you keep us informed! so as always, thank you for keep things going an moving forward.

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    Could we know what is coming with this patch?
    Dungeons, raids, crafting, missing KS rewards?
    Or do you want all this to be a surprise D:
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    Thanks for the update! I appreciate knowing the status of things. I'm glad you made the decision not to rush out buggy content, but instead to make this experience a smooth one!

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    Very beginning of 2016, Bug fixes, very soon. Sounds like late February launch to me. Not bad, I kind of expected worse news. I guess the optimism continues.
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    Cory is a man of unrelenting promises and optimism!

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