With my fellow UK Ghostbuster Dr. Howard, I show off the Ghostbusters board game! We skip the first campaign (The Slimer Situation) and play a more advanced one-off scenario, "Slimer Sticks Around". Tough, but exciting!

Includes music from The Real Ghostbusters cartoon and the NES game New Ghostbusters II. Also includes clips from The Real Ghostbusters, the films Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II, and also Cryptozoic's own trailer/tutorial for the board game.

For this first video we decided to only use the characters and ghosts from the normal retail version of the game, so we are playing as the original four Ghostbusters. In future videos we will add the Kickstarter-exclusive extras, such as as ghosts and monsters from the IDW comics and The Real Ghostbusters cartoon, and the alternative player characters.

The video itself is an hour and a half long... when we were playing the time just flew by! I think the clips and music and our joking around keep it entertaining to watch throughout.