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Thread: Seemingly random crashes (please ask if you need more info)

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    What's your resolution set at? If it's set at a higher level I would suggest reducing it by half and seeing if that helps resolve the issue.

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    Hi again!

    I changed my resolution to the lowest setting.

    I also went into the bios to see if I could set the ram to the right mhz, but it was already set. (Also do you know how hard it is to get into the bios when your computer boots in less than a second? I guess I shouldn't complain about that)

    Still crashing

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    Same here..
    This seemed to solve the problem, but unfrtunately i was wrong it still crashes..
    In Dungeon everything is fine and going perfectly (max resolution, ram speed set) but after single encounters at AZ the game still crashes after the victory screen

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    Valnir, I made a post on the other thread.

    Please read it and see if that helped you.

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    I tried changing my memory clock speed. Still crashing about every half hour it seems.

    Just crashed 2x in 8 minutes trying to build a sealed deck.

    Crashed 3x in 5 minutes trying to build a sealed deck just now.
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    I'm having the same random crashes ever since the campaign patch.

    90% of the time it crashes in campaign mode when I'm fiddling with the deckbuilder,the other 10% are random.
    Have not had the game crash while actually playing the AI.

    Sometimes it just goes black and after a couple minutes it goes to desktop, more often it hard crashes and I have to power down manually and restart. (Ctrl Alt Del does not work)

    Thats my report and Imma sticking to it!

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    So I think I fixed my issue and it's completely bizarre. If HEx is the only thing I have open (mostly right after I restart) that is when it crashes a bunch. If I have another game open, twitch, and some music it doesn't crash. Sometimes it lags a bit but no crash. So bizarre.

    I went 3 hours without a crash (till I had to stop on my own) with a ton of things open. This morning after I turned on my computer a bunch of crashes. Turned on other stuff nothing. I'm so confused. I'm used to it happening the other way you know?

    Well unless random is truly random and it's all confirmation bias.
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    I don't know what changed in the last day but I'm crashing again.

    All I want to do is play.

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    I noticed that sometimes it crashes more frequently and on some days rarely. But i am not able to pinpoint a correlation to anything. Maybe it's just coincedence

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