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    Suggestion: Let us use spaces in PvE character names (I mean why not?)

    Coyotles and Humans often have names that have spaces in them. First & Last name or names such as Feather Drifting. We need to be able to make similar names for our characters.

    It doesn't make any sense that you're not allowed to use spaces in naming the chars, as there is no problem if two names are similar or if multiple users have characters with the same name.

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    I agree. This seems like a small oversight that came about from the code being easier with only alpha characters (may be numeric, haven't tried). But it is important to me and to others. I spent over an hour trying to find the right Coyotle name only to realize I could not use spaces
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    My guess is they just used essentially the same code as for creating your account name, which doesn't allow spaces or crazy characters. No reason I can think of that a character name shouldn't be able to have them.

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    Apostrophes too! In Alpha my IGN was Shin'Guard. Then it changed. Without the apostrophe, it's not as obvious what I'm going for. My Coyotle cleric is Grandpaw. It would be much cooler with the space that I would have used making him Grand Paw. One makes him seem like an elderly statesman, one makes him sound like a badass.
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    Just posted this in another thread as well. PLEASE let us use additional spaces / characters in our champion names.

    And if/when you do this, please either give us a one-time option to rename our existing characters, or just let us change their name if we want to. Since we're the only ones who see this anyway, I see no reason why we can't give them a name change if the mood strikes us.

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    I can see an argument against spaces. It may at some point be necessary to distinguish your characters by name and no you don't actually want to have an opportunity for this to happen:
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    But underscores "_" should be allowed and so should most other special characters IMO.

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