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    Thoughts about the game in general


    i am a KS backer, PVE-oriented, in a playing 2 months, sleeping 6 months rotation. I came back now to the PVE.

    1. The bugs and the stability.
    I know you had a high pressure on you, and had to rush and release the product as soon as possible, because it was already a big delay. But maybe this is the time now, after the pressure lifted, to change the new release methods. Every major content what you bring out, have a zillion of bugs, and now you don't even call the product to beta (which is not change anything imo, it was not beta since you ask money for it), and the bug fixing in some cases very slow. The bugs (and bad codes) also cause lag and performance problems.

    You should make a proper beta testing, with proper beta-servers and beta-builds, with beta-testers, etc, and release the new content patch when is almost bug-free. It would release 1-2 months later, but i prefer to wait for the final product - i am doin' same now. There is (visually) missing rewards, unturnable quests, crashes, lag, and bugs, and i prefer to wait for the full experience.
    I am sure there is people who don't want to wait, they could go to the closed or open beta, and play like now. What would be difference then? I would know when the content is_really_done.

    2. The ideas and the coding
    Both the PVE and the PVP is very good, the new content is beautiful, and every system is very good. However, translating this into software, is still like an unexperienced developer. The software eating the resources - i can't see how this will fit into mobile devices. There is methods everywhere which not figured out fully. For example with the quests - if i talk with a buff-giver traveler, but i don't ask buff, and goin back to him later, there is an option only "give me your buff again". If i play through a discussion, then change my mind, and go away, and coming back, the quest may unturnable. You can say it's bugs only, but it's not bugs, it's just not enough well planned. You didn't consider every possibility.

    You should spend a bit more time with the planning of the software coding, or hire someone to help. I know it's the most difficult thing, because you have to think to things what for you don't think. You have to see all of the hidden traps what the end-users possibly can do. It's a very important phase to translate from the design-logic to coding-logic.

    3. The quests and the characters
    I didn't play much with the campaign, i have only a lvl4 dwarf cleric. The processing lag is too uncomfortable for me atm, i don't like to wait for the computer, and at the end i don't know i clicked already and nothing happens, or i didn't click, then i click twice, etc.
    However, i didn't like the discussions. My character usually gives an arrogant, dumb, selfish answers, and anyway, any answer i choose doesn't seems to change anything. If the quest giver gives me a quest, where i have only on possibility (to accept and shut up), is there really need a conversation? I know it's help with the role-playing, and i know the dwarfs might be an arrogant, dumb, selfish creatures, but it's still keep a bad taste in me, where i would not say any of those options, where i can choose from the harsh and more harsh options.

    You should think again what do you want with the conversations and texts and quests. I think it's not the luckiest thing ever when i see no matter what do i say, because the NPC talks on a different track anyway. I am fine if the quest giver just telling me what does he want. However, if you doing a conversation, would be good a bit better text quality. And i mean mainly the player character options. I am not the best roleplayer, and i like to play "myself" in every character, even if thats an "evil side" character, and i am not. It would keep me away from the half of the races.
    I can see that the game is better with more conversation, and with more options, and real interactivity, not the usual MMO style: grab all the quests in the hub - go to the marked area, kill what needed - go back turn the quest grind, but then need good quality text. It should be easy i think.

    thats all for now, thank you for reading it, and sorry for my english.

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    Broken English aside, this is solid feedback. Thank you.

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