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    Thumbs up Really enjoying PvE

    I haven't been very active in the forums for a while, nor in-game. PvE is the main reason I bought Hex, and I've been waiting patiently, only playing the occasional PvE game to keep my skills working.

    I may only be a level 2 dwarf mage, but I'm definitely enjoying the campaign so far! Already it's better than the "single player" mode of that *other* digital CCG that seems mainly aimed at just getting you into the "need buy cards" grind of their PvP.

    Anyway, I've only seen a single bug so far (a paragraph in a description was doubled - sorry can't recall where atm).

    I would suggest that when you fight the water elementals to cross the river, and then you have to face another foe immediately after, it would be nice if you could break and save in between. I was playing before bed and ended up stuck, having to either stay up late or leave the computer running all night because it started the next opponent combat immediately.

    I ended up losing quickly and it then let me break and come back later to fight them again, luckily.

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    if you are not in a dungeon, thus on the main campaign map, there is no penalty at all to losing.
    So you can always hit escape, concede and exit the game.

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