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Thread: Night of Bells question

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    Night of Bells question

    Hmm I'm going through tcgbrowser's list of equipment to find equip that I'm still missing, and I stumbled over the Night of Bells card. I didn't even notice getting this card - can you folks tell me when excactly it was released? AFAIR it was a Kickstarter promise, but for some reason I have 12 copys of it, but none of the equipment pieces.
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    I have a full playset (like you, sans equipment) from being an alpha tester, did you by any chance input three Kickstarter codes onto your account? That seems like the easiest way to determine of someone was potentially an alpha tester, and reward them with a playset accordingly.

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    First Night of the Bells giveaway from 2013 I believe (maybe 2014). 1 was given away to folks who created accounts after the cuttoff date and 4 copies to accounts created before the date. If you have multiple KS codes consolidated into a single account can account fo why you have above 4 copies.

    That is what my memory is telling me.

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    I see the equipment as well, anyone know if that is forthcoming?

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    It is not available yet, and there were no specific plans (as of a week ago) to make it available in the near future.

    Notably, it hasn't been granted to Producer accounts yet either, so it may or may not actually work and was probably included in the current build mistakenly.
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