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    First Game of Crisis 3 - Unlosable?

    So my friend group ran through its first official game of Crisis 3 with Forever Evil the other day. We got off to a abysmal start and after only beating the 2nd Crisis we were down to roughly 30 cards in the main deck. We thought for sure the game was over.

    A funny thing started to happen though as two of our players had whittled their decks small enough to where they were drawing the same 5 or 6 cards each turn. Additionally, they both had a Stargirl in their decks and other players had attacks they could use on their turns to use Stargirl's defense effect of putting cards from the destroyed pile on the bottom of the deck.

    Slowly the group started to "rebuild" the main deck to the point where when we finished the game, we had about 50 cards to go (which also helped with beating Crisis Mazahs! since there were less cards in the destroyed pile). From how this was setup, we could have continued the game indefinitely until we decided to finally end it with all the cards back in the Main Deck and nothing in the Line-Up or Destroyed pile.

    Have other groups had similar game experiences to this or other weird/game-breaking combinations? For having done so poorly in the beginning this set definitely seems to slow everyone's decks down until after The Outsider is defeated. Have anyone found a good strategy for getting past The Outsider faster?

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    We actually had quite the opposite experience. In both games, we had a ton of early Villains (though the first game was far worse), so by the time we were able to beat The Outsider, we all had so many Weaknesses that we didn't really have a chance to get into destroying our Starters. And for this being a set based on a destruction mechanic, we all had a very frustrating time trying to whittle the junk out of our decks.

    We ran our first game without Black Manta and got creamed. In our second game, Black Manta helped a bit, but our Sinestro was using Stargirl to stack specific cards on the bottom of the deck to be retrieved with the Cosmic Staff. Between the Cosmic Staffs going off entirely too often and me reluctantly using Pandora because she was generating huge power off our massive Line-Up, the main deck was very low when we won the second game, and that was with me having pulled Crisis Cyborg with Lex Luthor (though I didn't have much equipment and only was able to set him off once). We honestly shouldn't have won that game, but I had the luck to discard the only Starter in my hand for Crisis Mazahs! (he would have been in the 30s had it been a card with any other type), had Pandora in the same hand, and our Harley Quinn gave me the Tarot Cards for an additional five power.

    I know a little bit of it was that Crisis mode runs easier the fewer players you have, and we had five, but I think we just need to play a few more times to get the swing of it. And a bit of luck to not have all our Villains clump at the top of the main deck.

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    Our first game ate through the main deck in the first two crises, but the rest went crazy fast. However, when the last crisis came up, we had a huge destroy pile and mazahs was too high for either of us to even tickle. Was still a blast, though.

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    In terms of the Crisis Characters the players were using:
    - Bane
    - Sinestro
    - Lex Luthor
    - Harley Quinn

    Sinestro and Bane had the Stargirl's which worked out. Sinestro was able to focus on VP's to make sure everyone stayed defended when the Super-Villains came up and Bane would buy useless cards to destroy and add them under his character to make future Crisis cards quicker to beat. The other characters were able to focus on building more rounded decks to deal with defeating Super-Villains and finishing out Crises. The game went on for a while since we kept adding cards at a faster rate than we were depleting so that allowed people to really develop their decks and use their Characters. Lex Luthor ended up with a little under 15 characters in front of him with only a few being helpful. He got Crisis Wonder Woman and Starfire early which helped us get rid of Starters quicker. Sinestro ended with 30 VP's on his character since he kept defending repeatedly every round with Stargirl so defenses never became an issue.

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    Jeez, we must be playing this wrong. In our first game, we had DIsForDoom as Black Adam, me as Lex Luthor, a Harley Quinn, our newest player as Deathstroke, and Dan who keeps winning your tournaments as Sinestro. Over the course of the game, I managed to pull Batman, Bizarro, and at the very last turn, Wonder Woman. Batman never really worked out for me, while Bizarro was nice for attacking Sinestro. Black Adam worked decently for generating VP for everyone, and I managed to get Batman decently early in the game, but Doom's deck ended up so riddled with Weakness cards, he was sort of neutered for a while. Sinestro worked out great, and I feel he's essential to any game of Crisis 3, but he never had a surplus of VP (nobody did) and we still had to take a lot of nasty attacks. I think our Harley player didn't quite know how he should be running her, and so he really wasn't buying or giving out enough cards. And to be honest, I didn't even notice Deathstroke was on the table after passing out the Super-Villains.

    In our second game, Doom swapped out for Sinestro, I kept with Lex Luthor, our third player moved to Black Manta, our new player took Black Adam, and Dan took Harley Quinn. Sinestro worked out just as well, if not a bit better, but still never had the VP to defend everyone all the time. Black Adam was still very good, but I think the player was trying to distribute VP more evenly to be fair, and I think she would've been better off keeping a closer eye on where it was needed. But overall she did pretty well with him. Black Manta was a nice idea, but I don't think he really panned panned out to the extent we thought he would, largely because that player kept using his VP for other things. Dan was an excellent Harley Quinn. He was buying all that he could (including several Kicks) and giving it out whenever someone needed an extra push. VP was never an issue for him because he only gave out cards when they were most needed. His biggest issue was a deck with entirely too many Starters and Weaknesses, and even then, he eliminated Punches by giving them out when someone needed that one more power.

    If I had to pick a weak link in our strategy, it would be me. Lex Luthor is a great idea, but in practice, he's a gigantic drain on the game. I funneled away 18 VP in the first game and 12 in the second game for Crisis OS cards that I barely even used. In the second game, I pulled Nightwing and Cyborg. Of the four cards I pulled between the two games, three triggered off of Equipment, and I barely had any in either game. I managed to trigger Nightwing and Cyborg once each. The trouble was that by the time I knew what actual OS abilities I would be playing with, we were already deep into the game and I already had a lot of my deck going. If I had known what was coming, I would have been buying more Equipment in the early game. By the time I had those abilities, I was ill prepared to trigger them. In the end, Lex Luthor turned out to be worse than a dead card, and we might have done better in both games if I had gone with someone else.

    That said, I can't imagine how your Lex Luthor wound up with enough VP tokens to get that many characters in front of him. I don't think we had that much VP generated for the entire table in one game.

    And maybe that's just us. Our regular games of Forever Evil never end with anybody having many VP tokens. It's rare that anyone even gets up to 10. So I do wonder if we're all doing something wrong in that particular game. But then, I really wouldn't know what to do differently.
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    Like I said, the game was LONG... we had 50 cards left but I would estimate we ended up putting over 150 cards in the deck with the two Stargirls. There may have only been 2 but when each of those players can be attacked 2 or 3 times each round and just discard and pick them back up it adds up quickly. Our Lex Luthor had the 2 Cold Gun's and Iced Over to consistently gain 3 VP every turn so he could get a character every 2 rounds.

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    Jeez. Yeah, that would do it.

    Still, Doom and I both get the feeling that Forever Evil is a bit of a weak point for our group. So it's likely that a more normal game is somewhere between our two experiences.

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    Yikes. We have played Crisis 3 about six times and have yet to beat it. The World is Ours and The Outsider are both just so brutal. Add to that the fact there are a lot of Villains in the main deck, a dozen of which are cost 5+, that are passing out a crazy amount of weaknesses. We can get to Mazahs, but with only about five cards left in the main deck. What characters have you guys been playing? How many players? We've been using Lex Luthor, Sinestro, Bane, Black Adam, and Captain Boomerang mostly. We have four or five of us playing.

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    I've played three 2 player and one 4 player of Crisis 3 with the closest being the 4 player being down to the final villain and final crisis when the deck ran out. The absolute killer has been getting the Crisis that requires defense cards to beat early game, getting decimated by the Super Villain attack and then running through a ton of the deck before the 2 cost ones come out. Adding insult to injury was the second Crisis requiring heroes...

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    We ran two hidden objective games this weekend that were brutal. Part of it was that no matter what, we always seem to get slammed with all the Villains at the start (and I intend to do some heavy shuffling next time to try for a more even mix). Part of it was that the instant anyone threw out the word "toaster", everyone became suspicious of everyone else and cooperation went out the window. Both games ended with the main deck running out and nobody meeting their objective even if we had beaten Mazahs!.

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