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    Feedback on the Invitational

    1) Overall :
    - I was afraid that this was only covered via twitch but we had it on the official website as well and that was awesome for sure.
    - The overall organisation of the event looked really professional and clean. I was a bit scared that this would ended up being a bit on the underground side, but Hex has provided a really great very professional show.
    - If we take into consideration that this was the first large event, it becomes even clearer that the overall performance of the Hex team was awesome, props to everyone.
    - Spoilers were nice teasers... And cool to see some of the people from Hex.
    - Interview with the boss was great, even if he's a master when it comes to build the hype while not saying anything particularly clear.

    2) Casters :
    - Snake was outstanding, and I would be really surprised if he's not doing it next time. I really struggle to find an area of improvement for him.
    - Alucard was great. He might want to find more in depths questions regarding players lists and choices, but that was great overall, especially for the first time.
    - Dino was fine, I think he suffered a bit from the outstanding and very professional performance of the guy next to him, which overall makes his performance looking worse than it was. The overall comments regarding the games were great (people often forgot that casters are obviously not on the same level as the players in the event when it comes to technical play, and I think Dino did great here... A bit on the kind side not to mention the several mistakes that has been recorded but that's understandable).
    - Props to whoever asked the casters to wear suits, this is not the average Sunday tournament and the viewers have to feel that it's an important one.

    3) Actual tournaments :

    - The tournament was divided into 3 parts, and the first two part's point was to remove 4 players from the pool each time... While on paper it was cool, I think it would have been better to do something more like a small championship followed by a top4.
    - I've found that there was too much waiting time between the games, while it was cool to have interviews and all, I'm sure we can reduce it a bit to have more game play.
    - It would have been cool to see all competitors playing (which is very feasible for a 10-12 person event).
    - Maybe something like a championship (swiss rounds) would have been better before top4, because the way it was set up 2 players did not have a chance to prove their draft skills... Basically someone who do poorly in either constructed or limited is out of top4 the way it was, it was rewarding actually average performances (2-2 then 2-1).
    => To picture it a bit, both JadiimJedi and Cyriius are 4-3 overall before top4 (if we exclude the extra game JJ played against his teammate) but one went to final while the other ended up 8th... So big difference on the paycheck for a similar performance.
    - I think it would have been better (assuming we are keeping the 12 players per event for next time, which might not be the best) if there was 6 rounds of constructed in day one, followed by 6 rounds of draft (2 drafts) on day 2, followed by a top 4.
    - Best of 5 sounds better for the top 4 by the way, there is a lot of money at stake and doing best of 5 would diminish the variance in the outcome (and gives more impact to proper side-boarding plans since it means more game post-board).
    - Would not mind a larger event (in terms of players) next time but that's another topic.

    4) Information

    - I would have appreciated more update on what the players that were not shown on screen were doing. At least a recap after each round sounds fair (shown on screen)... But maybe an update like "X defeated Y 2-1" in the middle of the broadcast-ed game.
    - It would be not too bad to have that kind of information as a breaking news (shown on the bottom of the screen for example) since the number of matches were low in a 12 players event.
    - Switching games could be cool as well, but might be hard for casters to deal with, so maybe when everything will be polished a bit more.
    - To sum it up, more frequent updates would be nice.

    Overall this was very well managed and I shall say that I was nicely surprised by everything.
    And obviously, I'm looking forward for more of the like, not obviously the exact same (see above), but more.
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    Oh just forgot.

    A shame there only was about 1k viewers on the channel most of the time... Such an event would have deserved to be watch way more.

    Edit : Since I can't post without giving an idea to improve something that could here it is.
    => The "issue" might have come from the low player base, or might have come from a lack of advertising for the event itself... But anyway, in order to mobilize all the troops that we currently have, I think (for next time) something should be given to those who watch (people love free stuff).
    => I have in mind a code for another sleeve... But it might be something of value (a PVP item) that is tied to the account. Or something different, like a code for a 1 week buff in loot for PVE.

    Is has to be cool enough for people to care and watch even if they would not have in the first place, but not too pricey either (and not an incentive to create several accounts to have several).
    => Want players to play PVE ? Give them a free buff for 1 week.
    => Want players to play PVP limited ? Give them a free sealed ticket for a "phantom sealed" were they don't pay entry fee and don't get any card, but might get a small prize... One tournament, the week after.
    => Want players to play PVP constructed ? Give them a free entry ticket for a tournament with very small prizes that will happen the week after.

    It would be both an incentive to watch the event AND a way to make players play even more of Hex. And if some people are watching it but don't currently play Hex (I know a decent amount of people that did actually) it might be an incentive for them to give that game a try.
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    The invitational had also a foreign coverage. Between 60/100 viewers on a french stream for example... until Cyriius lost at least

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