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Thread: $100K Stories Thread

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    $100K Stories Thread

    I'm home, after 12 hours of flight / layovers, from Orange County, CA - to Minneapolis, MN. What an amazing weekend!

    If you haven't seen them yet, HERE IS AN ALBUM of photos from the weekend. Some of these photos are mine, but the credit for most of these belongs to Jadiim Jedi, Mokog, and Arahdial (at least, they're the ones I took them from off Twitter). Enjoy! I'm looking always on the hunt for more photos too if others have some the don't mind sharing / letting me steal.

    I'd love to hear from others who were there how it went, and so those who weren't able to attend can know a little more on what took place.

    I'll share some stories tomorrow - but wanted to start with some Thank Yous before I collapse into much needed sleep.

    (In no order, with apologies for any misspellings)

    Celendine and Mokog - Thanks for all the rides. Made life so much easier to be able to hang out with everyone and not have to uber everywhere! (I think Bosmopar game me a lift too)

    Funktion - for the Super Shuttle tip / shared ride. I'd never heard of them. That saved me at least $40 over a cab back to the airport. The timing worked out that I could get an earlier flight for free, so got home 2 hours ahead of schedule. That's a big deal. I'd otherwise be at baggage claim right now instead of typing this!

    Kurposkuno and Arahdial - Awesome to meet two other Minnesotans at the event!

    Cory Jones - for the hug - not as awkward as advertised, still awesome.

    The whole Five Shards Crew - for being inviting and welcoming with chat and board games. Even in a situation like this, where I have an obvious shared interest, I can still have trouble introducing myself to people I have not met before. You all made it easy.

    Roostasaur - You're awesome dude. I love the sense of humor. Glad we got to hang out. Sorry I had to kill you before you could out me as a Werewolf. You knew too much and a Grand Admiral does not tolerate leaks.

    I had an amazing time. It amped up my hype for this game 1000%.

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    I would be happy to see such an event sometime to happen in germany

    Would be much easier for me to get there, and id love to meet some ppl from the awesome HEX community.

    Since Gameforge is a big part of Hex nowadays, this might not be unrealistic, so im looking forward to it
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    Many good times were indeed had!

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    All the good times. By the end of it I had my elevator pitch for Hex down from all the locals asking why I was there.
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    Grand Admiral o7. I would expect nothing less of a man with your tactical genius. It was a pleasure to hang out I had a great time.

    For me this was the HEX Invitational in a nutshell. Best community ever, incredible individuals, top-tier event all around, kick-ass team, great memories.

    I really enjoyed the chance to meet and interact with some of the individuals that make this community what it is. I'm normally a pretty hyped person but being there brought my hype to an 11/10 it was truly a pleasure. One of the many memories that makes me smile was being able to wrangle the door open on Sunday morning and just wishing everyone a good morning, thanking them for coming and shaking their hands.

    Also was glad to be able to hang out with the other NOBLES and Phenteo it was the first time we were all in the same proximity of each other, happy no cataclysm's accord. So different yet the same but I guess most brothers are. Except identical twins. Who are still kinda different.

    I would be remiss if I didn't mention something about dinner with great company and eating Rattlesnake and Shin'hare. It would be the perfect food if they just added hamster.
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    That is sweet about being able to catch the earlier flight!
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    Tecnophi took a few hundred pictures this weekend:

    Tecnophi's picks for top photos
    Day 1
    Day 2

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    My first post! Overall I thought the event went well, especially for it being the first event of this kind for Hex. I have a blog post with more pictures, mostly of the cosplayers for anyone curious, since the costumes didn't get a lot of screen time.

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    Now that the event has wrapped up I wanted to take a moment and talk about it and my experiences.

    I arrived mid-event on Saturday due to some unexpected matters at home, so I didn't get as much time as I had hoped. Due to my late arrival, the merchandise booth had sold out of everything aside from mugs and shirts, so I was disappointed I wouldn't be able to honor a number of requests for the cool swag.

    The announces were rattling off cards, stats and player profiles over the speakers and a live match was viewable to the whole hall though the large screens posted overhead and the floor was littered with rows of PC's primed up to play some matches with other participants. I quickly grabbed an open seat in hopes to get a view of some of the promised cards from set 4.

    Opening card manager and sorting the collection got me a full view of the spectacular cards we're all due soon. Don't I, and I'm sure many of you, wish I had eidetic memory to rattle them all off to you...instead I had to rely on my terrible recollection which felt lacking at best.

    To my surprise I was immediately engaged with players beside me eager to talk about the new cards, share some laughs and their experience so far. This was my first time meeting and player or staff involved with Hex, and I was floored by the kindness and attention given all around. I was told there were tournaments available to attendees to win packs of Set I couldn't pass that up. A Sealed Gauntlet had my name on it, and away we went! And away I lost...terribly. But what true Hex player gives up at his first stumble? I queued up again and won my three matches handedly to earn my free pack. Hooray!

    Now I have to be honest...playing in an event like this did trigger the one thing I dearly miss about TCG's. There were two games I played where my opponent was seated only a few chairs away, and we were quickly able to identify each other. This led to chatter, jovial taunting, and laughter at foiled bluffs, jeers at misplays and a bit of comradery that playing in a digital arena misses out on. Feeling this again felt terrific in this environment that very rarely has anything of the sort. Someday though, Hex will be out for tablets I imagine, and it may be very possible to engage socially with this game as well on a regular basis. I welcome that day.

    After watching some constructed matches wrap for day 1 it was time to leave. On exiting I saw a sight I wasn't really expecting... Cory standing in the middle of the hall chatting away with attendees. Up to this point I had seen numerous staff wandering around, asking comfort questions of players and bending over backwards to help and provide answers, but it didn't even occur to me that Cory would be one of them. He was rather engaged with another visitor so I didn't wish to interfere, waited a while, but as the crowd was thinning and exiting I had to seize an opportunity. A quick tap and comment saying "Thank you" and I'd be on my way...Cory though, being the type of guy he is, instead turned his full attention to me to also give a heartfelt thank you and to find out if we (my girlfriend was also happy to attend with me) had a great time, how we felt about the event, the matches and if he'd see us the next day. While it was, albeit, a simple gesture, it was a noticed, appreciated and thoughtful one to take a quick moment to recognize a fan.

    We left excited for day 2.

    Day 2 we were prepared to arrive right on time to catch all the action...and hopefully grab some merchandise I had been told might make its way to the floor that day. We pulled in the public parking and who should be right behind us but Cory also parking. Hah! My girlfriend had drawn a super cool piece of art for Hex back in its early Alpha days and had the great idea of giving that to Cory. We did the whole fanboy ambush in the parking lot thing...which always feels say hello once again and give him the piece. He showed nothing but excitement and admiration, making my girl feel quite special, and that was just awesome.

    I also got to meet a guildmate for the first time, which was fantastic. We were able to chat quite a bit throughout the day, watched some matchups and completely geek out about the new cards. It's always an absolute pleasure to make new friends and acquaintances in our hobbies, and Magic, you're a stand-up guy to be sure!

    We entered and made a straight line for the swag, picking up all I was allowed to purchase and doing all I could to send them off to patiently awaiting guild mates (obligatory shout out to TUC!!). Sadly, I wasn't able to grab enough for my own collection, but I have a feeling I'll have far more opportunities to attend events then those overseas or across the country.

    The draft tournament was nearly underway so I grabbed a seat nearer to the action rather than a PC this time, figuring I'd have time for that later. Boy was I wrong...

    A small tangent to recognize the players. Wow...what a group of remarkable talent! Each one showed exactly what it takes to be a champion. The sportsmanship coupled with the endurance, patience, and raw skill was evident in every match. I have nothing but respect for them and recognize the incredibly difficult road it took to get this far. Well-deserved gentlemen!!

    I'll save you the details since you’ve surely seen or read about them, but I was in awe during each and every match. And those matches didn't end until closing time on the nose. The crowd got more and more involved as matches went on. Gasps, cheers, Spider Egg counting and even louder cheers filled the place as we approached the finale. It was very obvious everyone was enjoying their time watching these titans duke it out. I know I did.

    We left after a few quick goodbyes to some new found friends and some “thanks” to well deserving staff for making this a great event as great as it could be. I look forward to the next one, whatever and whenever that is, and hope to see many more of you there. Keep having fun!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Frekki View Post
    My first post! Overall I thought the event went well, especially for it being the first event of this kind for Hex. I have a blog post with more pictures, mostly of the cosplayers for anyone curious, since the costumes didn't get a lot of screen time.
    That Eternal Sage was spot on. I was wondering if the costumes were supplied by CZE or did the cosplayers themselves provide them?

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