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Thread: Why don't I see any marketing?

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    Why don't I see any marketing?

    The way I see it its make or break time for Hex. When a big push is supposed to happen its supposed to happen around this time. Supposedly we have 120,000 monthly active users. I gues what thats supposed to mean is 120,000 monthly logins ?! I am sure its not 120,000 unique monthlly players. Fact is tournaments are firing slowly. Twitch numbers have been stagnant for a long long time.
    We just need more people playing the game.

    PVE is out. The game is officialy released but reviews are coming in very slowly (if at all) and the big gaming sites have not done reviews so far (and apparently wont do so). Why is that ? I think this game has big potential but I also think it might fall flat because of a lack of players. The 100k tournament is done and peaked on twitch at 1k viewers. Meanwhile Kripp is playing another digital card game right now ("Faeria") and has over 10k viewers (and is also the reason I decided to write a post). Why cant we get big streamers to play Hex ? Faeria is in early access for just a week and arguably already more known than hex among the general public.

    I gues Gameforge is responsible for marketing. So...what have we seen from gameforge ? Probably there is a lot we cannot see that goes on in the background (I certainly would hope so) but the one thing that was made public just 2 days ago was the promo video. And what was in the promo video ? A card image error. It has since been corrected but it seriously worries me if there is any enthusiasm about Hex on the side of gameforge. It seems like they dont realy care that much for me personaly.

    I want Hex to be a success. I think it is a great game. I also think the future projectory is very unclear. I want to be optimistic since I like Hex so much but I have seen and lived what happened with Infinity Wars.
    The time for marketing is now! But right now we cant get higher twitch numbers and we cannot get major gaming sites to review the game or write articles. It is depressing.

    Maybe others can encourage me and tell me why Hex has a bright future ahead. Thats partly why I write this article. I think HXE knows what's going on. Maybe their internal numbers show a good projectory. Maybe gameforge is secretly spending big money on advertising. Maybe a wave of twitch advertising (by prominent streamers) and a wave of gaming site articles is in preparation. I just doubt it. If someone from HXE wants to chime in on that..please go ahead.

    There are many issues within the game itself (no ladder, no new tournaments series announced, content wholes), but I dont care that much about all those issues since I am convinced that they can be handled and in regard to all that I am not pessimistic at all. The problem is not the game itself. The problem is marketing exposure. I am not even sure if there is a marketing strategy.

    The Sky is not falling but the forecast is cloudy.

    edit: please dont move this to the feedback section...I am happy I got that many resonses from the community in such a short time. This topic needs to be discussed within the community.
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    Yeah, I typically don't think much about it, but the other day I was browsing Twitch for something to watch (since there was no HEX streaming) and found that there was some dude streaming Clash Royale (a Clash of Clans card game-ish spinoff) and had more viewers than I've ever seen on a HEX stream. While that's not a terrible game (not brilliant either), I first found it hard to understand.

    But then I realized how much easier it is to get into. With HEX it's quite an investment of time to just learn the rules, whereas with a game like that you can sort of play is within 5 minutes. A vast majority of people have an attention span that is quite much closer to 5 min than to what HEX requires, unfortunately

    While it is certainly possible to grow HEX with marketing, I think it's hard to do it very quickly. I think the strength of HEX is and will be that very few quit it rather than that many jump on board.
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    I don't think about it much, and probably won't worry until they've started to released PvP sets and content on a proper schedule. If things are still like this then, we may be in trouble.

    Last PvP set was released when? July? That's crazy, I know the team is small and the game is digital so bugs, but we really need 4 month set releases as a minimum. I know I do, my attention span isn't that high. I start to fade at the 3 month mark, by then spoilers should be coming out for the next set to renew the interest. I'm really keeping an eye on things this year. Lawsuit is behind them, campaign has been released with more I'm sure to follow, but the PvP sets... We need 2 this year at least IMO, and probably 3 next year.

    Think alot of the lull you're experiencing right now metro is that pre-new set downtime. People take breaks and chill in anticipation.

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    The set 4 will bring a lot of people back. But thats just not enough. We need marketing. And the time for marketing is now. Not in a year. You cannot release a game and hope that it will become big a year later. Thats not how things go in the gaming market. In a year other competitors are released. It is only getting harder. The reason I am frustrated is Faeria. It seems to surpass Hex in public recognition with ease. And its also a card game. Might be that is is a bit easier accessible from its gameplay. But the real difference is in marketing.

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    The fact that its a p2p with a cash shop disgusts me and i have no idea how anyone can get behind that. I was even mildly excited about it as a f2p or p2p game but a hybrid is just dirty especially at a buyin of 25$

    As for the set 4 thing i haven't drafted more than maybe twice this year because of the lull between sets and i know at least 5 out of my 6 friends are just waiting for a new set to go crazy with drafts again.
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    Well 'id say, they need to add some more content for casual (like ladder with little rewards, less than pve obv) and maybe one more pve campaign before doing the advertisement.

    Because if they do some marketing now, probably saying "HeX full f2p" when its clearly not for the average/low player apart from pve, they'll get a boost of player for a short time, but those players wont stay, and once a player leave, its nearly impossible to get him back

    But you kinda have a point, i heard of faeria 3 days ago, because a lot of marketing have been done for the game, on the website i goes on.
    Though i wanted to try it, but those 23 euros to pay to only enter the game, i guess if it stay like that it'll end like scroll, so HeX shouldnt worry about this game in particular (if it was F2P i would change my mind)

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    I just dont think their strategy is to wait for ladder and than go all out on marketing. At this point I'm not sure if there is a strategy...and it is very worrisome. Maybe they indeed wait for something to arrive and then plan to do a marketing push. It surely would mean that the lack of marketing is no oversight but planed (and that would be a relief of some sorts). I highly doubt it.

    One of the reasons I doubt is the 100k. Seems like the 100k would be excellent for marketing purposes. And while the event itself was done very well it fell kind of flat on twitch and in the gaming press.
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    Gameforge shows that is incompetent in advertinsing. Ladder thing is kinda important but i am worried beciase NobleRostasaur said yesterday that as for now ladder with set 4 willl not come which is very bad news. INtroducing new players into PVP needs to be fixed ASAP for now. Becaise current state is you have no idea how to draft, and evne if u do waintting time on swiss above 4 hours.

    i found some new poeple joining recently here and they like the game but the fact they cant realy swiss draft or practice draft is kinda destroying it/
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    Quote Originally Posted by kitkat View Post
    Though i wanted to try it, but those 23 euros to pay to only enter the game, i guess if it stay like that it'll end like scroll, so HeX shouldnt worry about this game in particular (if it was F2P i would change my mind)
    Not sure about that. Hex has 3 years and when i go to twitch, i see 53 viewers... I love hex but when you log into Hex, it's like i land on a webpage. And the fights have no animations. No dust when you drop a card on the desert, no animations/shake screen... looks old and slow in the gamepace. You have to pass priority when you cannot do anything (i can understand that in PVP it's important that the opponent don't know you cannot play but in PVE it's weird).

    Just how many of your friends are playing Hex after you showed them the game ?
    -The art is amasing
    -The ideas are amasing
    -The game rules are great
    -The Trading part is awsome
    Just make the game more fun to watch/play. I can do all the maketing i want around me, doesn't help the feeling when people see the game. And the first impression is important !

    43 pages on an exchange rate issue but nothing about what will really kill this game. I think the community should focus on what is important.
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    I have to agree with the op, if Hex want to get more players the time is now. We had the 100k tournament, and Set 4 is around the corner, PvE is released and fun.

    The game already has a huge learning curve, and it needs a lot of time and/or money investment to enjoy it to it's full potential, which will be even worse when more sets get released. I think constructed already has a very small pull to new players, and after the 100k tournament it would be the best time to change that. (well, actually the best time was before the tournament, but now is the second best)

    "Maybe gameforge is secretly spending big money on advertising."

    Since we are speaking about advertising, if the effect of the big money remains a secret to the gamer community, then it's not a well spent investment.

    The only site I've seen Hex recently is, but none of the event blog or the interview with Cory was really interesting. And the pictures for the articles really don't show how big or fun the event was. The blog pictures for example has exaclty 0 human beings shown on the 100k Tournament. Would these articles make anybody interesed in Hex, who is not already a player ? I highly doubt it.

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