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Thread: Hoping for Set 4 before [insert month here]

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    Quote Originally Posted by plaguedealer View Post
    Pretty sure they said beginning of April at the 100k. Hoping for a announcement tomorrow for April 5th.
    They know this. They are just kids sitting in the back of the car going "Are we there yet?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazelbain View Post
    They know this. They are just kids sitting in the back of car going "Are there yet?"
    Yep, but so far from a scheduling standpoint we have had a good bit of missing expectations along with a couple meeting expectations; wouldn't it be wonderful if they announced tomorrow an exceeding of expectations, if only so that the inevitable slight delay will result in an overall meeting of expectations.

    If they don't mention the release date at all tomorrow, be it early April or whatever, then I would probably expect mid-to-late April based on previous experience
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    Lol... Am I the only one hoping for mid-april? I am in Japan for the first 2 weeks of April and don't want to miss the release celebration ;o.

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    i hope nobody actually thinks we're getting set 4 before april. they havnt talked about a release event or anything yet, i would be surprised if it came before late april/early may tbqh

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    We've been on this rollercoaster ride before, mister.

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    No announcement date in this week's update. Growing doubtful of my April 5th projected date. I have that day off... didn't even have to take vacation for it! Looks like I'll be playing Quantum Break on Xbox that day, rather than HEX. I'd rather be playing HEX, but I'm OK. A new game from Remedy makes that day a no-lose situation.

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    not even an announcement of an announcement ;(
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    The dream is over. We'll have to start considering late April/May

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Lannisters View Post
    The dream is over. We'll have to start considering late April/May
    Seems like it. An update of only "still making progress" feels like at least a month away.
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    Yeah this set release is turning out to almost be as long as set 1 - 2

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