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Thread: RIP Forums Giveaway

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    I was actually looking for the original announcement with the kickstarter video in it, since without that post the rest of the forum wouldn't matter since it didn't exist. But unfortunately I couldn't find it. But I came accross this one;
    Quote Originally Posted by Shaqattaq View Post
    Hi HEXers! It’s been a busy week here in the offices post Labor Day weekend. For a general wrap-up, we had a hotfix go out early (whoops) and then we fixed that hotfix with a hotfix. That includes properly implementing the feature where players in the Proving Grounds who use the Play Random Opponent will receive 100 gold when they win their game! So, that’s pretty sweet.
    Then click the link, it has a nice picture dev's making memes, haha.

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    I was going to link a Zophie post but most of them were taken. So instead i'll link a post for something that benefited the community. DBugs site that for allowed us to track our chests spun, arena entries and even our tournaments played.

    Quote Originally Posted by dbug View Post
    Today I learned on Hackys stream, that a transaction history is available on the gameforge page. I used these transactions to generate some statistics and made this available on my page.
    From this link:
    (I'm not going to link the full post since it's quite a long just to quote)

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    This very constructed suggestions. Its only a part of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wuggalix View Post
    Hello all,

    It's been a long time I wanted to post something like that so here it is.

    I came to Hex around mid-November of last year (so a bit more than 3 months) after a friend of mine told me he's just won a slot for a tournament with a prize-pool of a PT... I've played MTG for around 10 years, 5 of them competitively, so I was pretty enthusiastic about this "new game that looks like an upgrade of a game I've liked for so long"... Even though it seemed strange to me that I haven't heard about it previously.

    Anyway, I've downloaded and played Hex and if we exclude the way too many bugs, I have to say that the game felt awesome to me... Also there were some IQs left, so that was a great incentive to play even more of it.

    But now that the IQs are over and since we don't know what's planned and what's not regarding the competitive play/scene, I tend to feel like I'm wasting my time here...
    I've been grinding events (DE/PE/MOCS/PTQ/etc) on modo for years but there always was an event to prepare for (QT/GP/PT), there always was a goal to reach, something worthy and something nice to try and obtain, that hundreds of hours of testings would help to achieve.

    But let's be a little bit more precise.

    To start with, I would like to say that if I am currently writing all my thoughts for you to read, this is only because I feel that the game is great, has a lot of potential and deserve that time of my... In order for it to improve and become the major player it should be.

    Anyway, on to the main points.

    1) Low player base :

    => Issue : I'm not going to lie on this one, queuing for a draft that might only fire half an hour later always makes me feel like I'm wasting my time and that "nobody play that game anyway"... It is unfortunate but true that the waiting times to play any PVP game is way too long. And since there's too much waiting time, people tend not to bother queuing and here comes the vicious circle.

    => Offered solution : As I said previously, I've been playing TCGs for a decade and not having heard of Hex is somewhat significant of how not enough focus has been put on marketing. I do think that the product is great, but it's not sufficient to have a great product to have a successful business, you also need people to be aware of it... Because otherwise, no matter how good it is, the guys out there won't be buying it since they don't even know it exists in the first place.

    2) PVP is dead :

    => Issue : While the fact that the current number of players is low is certainly on obstacle to have a good and living PVP scene, this is not the only issue. Call it how you want, but I would summarize all the things that makes PVP a dead thing as "people are lacking incentives to play PVP".
    Yeah I know set 4 is coming (and that will definitely be a relief). I also know that many players like to say that they are "waiting for set4", but is that the only thing ? Isn't that just a part of the problem ? An excuse for them not to play because they simply don't want to (anymore) ?

    People tend to be bored easily nowadays, and for sure the waiting time between set3 and set4 has been too big, but what's done is done and I tend to think that if there were other incentives than a new shiny set, people would still play a lot of Hex PVP.
    While the draft/sealed format has clearly been solved by many, the constructed format is far from being solved.. We see plenty of new decks every week in gauntlets and 5S. That, let me tell you, would definitely not happen if the players have had put enough efforts in constructed (but I'll come back to that later).
    Soooo, people are no longer playing drafts because they are bored of it, and people are not playing constructed to some extent because they are bored of it, but there's stilll a lot of room for improvements and innovations here, so I would say that they tend not to play constructed because they are simply lacking incentives to do so.

    => Offered solution : People have to have something interesting to gain while playing (talking mostly about constructed), they have to have a reason to play... Grinding the points to be able to play in IQs were definitely something like that, but there is room for other incentives to be implemented.
    I know that on modo the grinders used to be rewarded by a yearly highly prized tournament for the top100 constructed and the top100 limited (in qualifier points)... Now that would be something that you keep in mind and make you want to play some PVP... You know, that kind of "just doing an event or 2 today and got some points so I'm better placed for the race" feeling people would have.
    I've heard people were talking about a HS-like ladder, I think this is clearly bad (at least the way HS does it) and a ranking system based on points earned by doing tournaments like I said would give that impression of laddering without the same feeling as the HS people have to "ladder pointlessly".
    The player of the year race as I presented it would be something cool, and would definitely gives more incentives for people to play on a regular basis.

    3) Competitive PVP is dead :

    => Issue : Now that the IQs are gone, there is literally no incentive for people to play serious PVP. People will still play it a bit, but casually... You've seen all those fancy decklists ? Yeah I've been playing random decks as well, just because there is no incentive to play seriously, so I joined the bandwagon and brew some crap of mine to "at least have fun, even if the deck is awful".

    => Offered solution : There is no real secrets here, for people to be willing to put the efforts in trying to solve the meta and optimizing their builds, there need to be one or several large (in terms of prices) tourneys to be planned... And I'm not talking about 10k plat, I'm talking about 100k$ tournaments.
    While the 5 shards tournaments are fine, they are not competitive tournaments, they are more like FNM where everybody comes for free with whatever they feel like playing and that's it (which is cool for PVE guys that want to softly put themselves into PVP -- but not for people looking for a challenge and prizes).

    => What we actually need is something reliable and planned... Let's say 4 (or more) invitational like tournaments per years with the same prizes, now I am fairly sure that we would be able to get plenty of players (grinders) to come from other TCGs and play Hex... And let me tell you, those guys would not be willing to spend countless hours on PVE to grind their way up, they would come and put the cash on the table to get access straight away to what's better in PVP to playtest with and start preparing for those big bad tourneys.

    I am talking about the grinders, those guys are really good clients for TCG because they "pay in advance". They tend not to pay too much after (they will then "go infinite"), but it's balanced by the fact that they are constantly and actively promoting the game and bringing more competitive players.
    To sum it up : We need Pro Tour, we need World Championships, we need it big, bad and Shiny.
    IGN: Calixe
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    Finally, the Storm Clouds in Frost Ring Arena massive suicide movement came to an end! They're now safe

    From Chiron

    To Write Storm Cloud on Her Arms!
    The suicide rate of Storm Clouds have almost reached an epidemic! Behind closed doors Cloud Kings and Queens have been feeling the elemental pain of this growing trend.

    This issue became personal for me when I was fighting the Seaweed Behemoth in the Frost Ring Arena and a Storm Cloud appeared. Instead of birthing Stormlings like every Storm Cloud should, this one immediately sacrificed itself. I was so overcome by grief I failed my arena run. It is so easy to point fingers or blame ourselves when this happens. Instead we need to spread the word and get these Storm Clouds the help they need.

    The CDC, Coyotle Disease Control, has been tracking elemental suicide data over the last two years. According to the Stormcallerís guide of suicide prevention:

    ē Suicide is the 7th leading cause of death of Storm Clouds in Entrath in 2015. 1st are Crocosaurs, 2nd are Crackling Bolts, 3rd are Vampire Kings, 4th are Vampire Princesses and 5th are Angels of Dawn. (CDC)
    ē The suicide rate has increased from from 4.8 suicides per 100,000 in 2014 to 18.7 suicides per 100,000 in 2015. (This is almost an epidemic!) Every day, approximately 412 Storm Clouds die by suicide.
    ē There is one Storm Cloud death by suicide in Entrath every 3.5 minutes. (CDC)
    ē Depression affects 20-25% of Elementals in a given year. (CDC)
    ē Suicide takes the lives of over 38,000 Storm Clouds every year. (CDC)
    ē Only half of all elementals experiencing an episode of major depression receive treatment. (NAMI)
    ē 80% -90% of elementals that seek treatment for depression are treated successfully using therapy and/or medication. (TADS study)
    ē An estimated quarter million elementals each year become suicide survivors (AAS).
    ē There is one suicide for every estimated 25 suicide attempts by Storm Clouds. (CDC)

    You can help by spreading the word of this bug and under-spoken tragedy.

    Use only Storm Cloud Sleeves, and declare ďTo Write Storm Cloud on her arms!Ē to other Entrathians to spread the word.

    Together we can change this bug!
    Original thread here:
    Member of The Unnamed Council - the Hex TCG PvE Guild

    The silent death always comes from behind... so you'd better watch your back!

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    Does it still count if it's actually 2 posts? The New Player help post by nicosharp, "Spending money in Hex - Strategy" was very helpful to me when starting out. I had never played a TCG before, and wanted to make the most of my attempt.

    I can quote the whole thing if you want though

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    I just loved that thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by Quantius View Post
    Speaking of realism, do the sleeves slowly accrue debris and get slightly sticky causing them to stick to the card below them?

    And more importantly, does the deck shuffler accidentally sometimes slide one sleeve inside another causing it to split down the side?

    If I move cards around in my hand can it make a sound that my opponent can hear? *Thwit* *thwit* *thwit* *thwit* *thwit* *thwit*

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    I thought this was funny:

    Quote Originally Posted by Chark View Post
    I loled at the user-defined tags

    Attachment 4356

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    This one from Chris Woods on Mr. [Load Assets] and Mrs. [Unload Assets]

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_Woods View Post
    Aw, there's something behind me, isn't there? was the first thing what went through my head when I locked the branch for shipping last week. We'd heard a smattering of reports about memory problems, but we couldn't see it internally, and we couldn't show it was happening en masse.

    Then an email showed up later Friday, and it was pretty clear we had a major problem. So, I wanted to hop in here and try to explain this whole memory leak thing, and why it was such a big deal -- both to solve as well as to try to figure out.

    It all really boils down to how Unity is inherently designed. Unity's core philosophy of what a game "is" can be described easiest as "like Doom". Essentially, a game is a series of unique levels that a player progress through, and Unity's asset system only wants to have things available for the current "level". Once you beat E1M1, Unity unloads that level and loads E1M2. Then you're thrust back into shooting Imps and looking for the BFG.

    In TCGs this makes a whole lot less sense. The closest to "levels" we have is different screens. You go to Deck Editor, or Tournaments, or a game. So, we have built into our system that those are "levels".

    With that, comes level assets. These are the geometry, textures, sounds, and other rendering bits associated with a level. Once you "leave" a level, you unload that levels assets. Then you load the assets for the new level you're entering, and presto. Since "levels" are "screens" to us, what's happening on the client looks like this:

    +-------[Exit Screen]-------+-------[Load Screen]-------+
    +---[Unload Assets]---+ . . +---[Load Assets]---+

    Normally exiting a screen and unloading it's assets are coupled, but at some point in development we decoupled unloading and loading screens from unloading and loading screen assets. The only requirement for the destination screen was "all the assets are ready before you start rendering".

    So what's a "screen asset" (level asset)? Well, basically everything that has to do with rendering cards is in those screen assets. So, that's all of the art ever.

    This wasn't really a "problem", per say, except it was really inefficient. Swapping from the Deck Editor to the General Lobby would be very expensive, but it wasn't a "problem".

    Well, it was't until that [Unload Assets] bar was longer then that [Exit Screen] bar.

    This has actually probably already been a problem for some users with machines slower then the ones we have access to for testing and development, but it just never showed up on our radar. It wasn't until Set 3 and Extended Art made the asset size large enough that we started to see it.

    When [Unload Assets] takes longer then [Exit Screen], Mr. [Load Assets] gets into the mix, and believe me, Mrs. [Unload Assets] and Mr. [Load Assets] are not on speaking terms. If the two of them are going at the same time, and we're trying to unload Set 1 while we are also trying to load set 1, it gets crazy.

    What ends up happening is [Load Assets] tells [Unload Assets] "Hey, could you, um, stop deleting those cards? Because I'm going to need them." [Unload Assets] does this, but in the most passive-aggressive way possible. It just literally stops. Mid job. Then [Load Assets] has a partial library floating around, and he can't use that. So he loads a new copy.

    Nobody ever unloads that partial copy that's left over, though.

    So, the guts of the bug are actually pretty simple: If you switch screens and the new screen loads faster then the assets of the old screen take to unload, you end up wasting memory with a partial set of assets the previous screen used.

    Every time you switch screens.

    Every. Stupid. Time.

    Once this was identified, the solution was really, really easy:
    - Figure out what assets the leaving screen has the new screen also wants
    - Remove those from what [Unload Assets] is going to unload
    - Do everything else normally.

    The results of finding and fixing this bug have been enormous, actually. Deck Editor is significantly faster now, screen swapping is much smoother, and any time we "flip" a card (eg, pack opening) doesn't really require the asset to be found at the last minute. It's made things a whole lot cleaner.

    All because Mr. [Load Assets] and Mrs. [Unload Assets] had a little spat over who was putting away the dishes. Honestly, with that much tension in the relationship, I'm shocked Mrs. [Unload Assets] kept Mr. [Load Assets] last name.

    Almost home.

    Chris Woods

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    Chark Eastwood

    "Chark Eastwood"
    A HexTCG/Gorillaz Parody Cover by Zophie Winters

    Parody Lyrics, Mashup Video, and Musical Performance by Zophie Winters
    Original Song Covered: Gorillaz - "Clint Eastwood"
    Original music video from Gorillaz and artwork used from HexTCG
    This parody cover mashup video has been created as fair use under copyright law.


    I ain't sniping, youíre playing bad
    I got angels in my hand
    Iím shardless but not for long
    My victory is coming on
    I ain't sniping, youíre playing bad
    I got angels in my hand
    Iím shardless but not for long
    My victory is coming on
    It's coming on
    It's coming on
    It's coming on
    It's coming on

    Finally someone shifted me some more rage
    Now, bane for me is nothing cause I'm counting no eggs
    Naw there couldn't be wards
    No I donít need more shards
    I'm good with my cards
    And he let down his guard
    Bet you didn't think Iíd counter that one too
    Iím bouncin all your dudes, Look I got a Time Ripple for you
    Pick which troops
    You wanna lose
    Or your whole damn brood
    Arachnid noobs
    Who you think is really playing boons?
    Imagine you goin' down in a turn or two
    Like Iíd let you choose
    You think itís possible?
    Probable? Maybe.
    A champion who will fight for you to clear these dudes when you're too lazy
    Play these diamond actions for that life gain
    You like pain
    Thatís Good because I put on the swiftstrike shift
    You tried it?
    Paladinís Righteous with one youth
    Your Psychic Torment used
    defeats you when Iím through

    I ain't sniping, youíre playing bad
    I got angels in my hand
    Iím shardless but not for long
    My victory is coming on
    I ain't sniping, youíre playing bad
    I got angels in my hand
    Iím shardless but not for long
    My victory is coming on
    It's coming on
    It's coming on
    It's coming on
    It's coming on

    Your deck looks so basic
    What site did you take it
    Allow me to play this
    card here called Nature
    You donít know what to do thatís a tragedy.
    I'm winning
    Every Wrathwood tree
    Every Ardent priest
    Every Shiníhare sees
    You say your good byes
    I play Extinction and he cries
    Resurrection for my guys
    With this cat Iíll Mesmerize
    Now youíre sucked into my lies
    Through Reese, not for his tunnels but the robots he provides
    A quick Ambush Guide
    Y'all can GG now cuz you canít block with your guy
    Your Conflict with your mind
    (That's the Inner)
    So I'mma stick around with Reese and Zophie Winters
    Mastery of Time so you always will remember what Onslaught is
    I rekt all this
    So you can survive when a topdeckís hopeless
    Myrym will show you troops you thought was dead
    No raging, remember that it's all in your deck

    I ain't sniping, youíre playing bad
    I got angels in my hand
    Iím shardless but not for long
    My victory is coming on
    I ain't sniping, youíre playing bad
    I got angels in my hand
    Iím shardless but not for long
    My victory is coming on
    It's coming on
    It's coming on
    It's coming on
    It's coming on
    My victory is coming on
    It's coming on
    It's coming on
    My victory is coming on
    It's coming on
    It's coming on
    My victory
    It also had an awesome video with it - another Zophie special!

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    I don't have a link handy, but I think my favoutrite post was the announcement of Exalted. Ever since that I have dreamed of earning my way there (even though it is already clear to me I won't.) Instead though, I get to see and hear more about the people that deserve the status - Colin was clearly a no brainer so we can skim over him for now, and Cirouss had a lot going (he was assisting Gameforge in some way, helped host both charity streams, streamed most days for the community) - I am a little cheesed off that he still isn't back from his break though.

    It doesn't feel right to have one half of our exalted team gone during all the milestones we have passed recently, so I hope set 4 lures him back for good. Also looking forward to seeing his vanity card in-game, didn't see it in any of the spoilers so far.
    Xenavire, proud guild leader for The Lions Share.

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