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Thread: RIP Forums Giveaway

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    The real start of the Buffalo saga, RIP Fetid Buffalo!

    Quote Originally Posted by Gwaer View Post
    When presented with an opportunity to spoil a card I turned down the legendary offered to me, and instead requested this card. When I was at the HXE office last time it was right before the set 2 launch, we got to see a good bit of what was coming with set two, but I also got to playtest a bit of set three that they were developing. I saw this guy, and I saw they had named the set 2 one rotting, even though set 1 was rigid... So I spent a good several minutes. Maybe half an hour looking up a potential different word for rotting, for set 2, and settled on fetid, which worked very well with the art I thought. Unfortunately it was just too close to release of set two and it was already being localized, so they didn't have time to change rotting to fetid. Even though I suggested just keeping it localized the same in all other languages and just have fetid be the English name, I pushed very hard... Maybe I should have offered to pay to have rotting buffalo re-localized. Heck I even felt this was an important enough issue to delay set two for. =P

    Sadly, and to my eternal shame this is where I failed you as a community. If I had been at the CZE offices a week earlier, then this tragedy could have been averted. Without further ado... Here it is.... The proof of my inability to conquer the most important and terrible problem of our time. Rip - Fetid Buffalo, your glory was never realized.

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    First thing that popped into my mind as one of the most entertaining posts -

    Quote Originally Posted by Phenteo View Post
    If you're worried about the ToS and require further assistance with understanding it, you will need to seek your own legal council.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cory_Jones View Post
    I have one!

    I miss that shirt... and long flowing hair

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    This feels like a winner (it's on par with the zophie gifs.) I wonder who else will get a win? Crazy good entries so far.
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    this is how long it seems to me whenever I spin a chest.

    maybe I have a gambling problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magic_gazz View Post
    Next time you face Princess Cory in the Frost Ring Arena, check out those calves.

    Cory doesn't skip leg day.
    was a good laugh back in the day

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    Thanks for the memories all! <3

    I'll send out packs in game either Set 4 patch night, or the morning after.

    Goodbye, old boards!
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    RIP indeed- seems fitting that the last giveaway was hosted by Colin
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    Hoping the new forums only bring great things for everyone cheers! Had fun here.

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    I'm going with the PvE Deck Teir Guides by Nicosharp. Thanks for your work on PvE decks nicosharp!

    Quote Originally Posted by nicosharp View Post
    Tierlist Categories:

    God Tier = Perfect Score - 9 Threshold out of 9 Threshold Deck:
    Tier 1 = 8 Threshold Requirement
    Tier 2 = 7 Threshold Requirement
    Tier 3 = 6 Threshold Requirement
    Tier 4 = 5 Threshold or lower.

    Rating Categories and Scaling:
    We use a newly developed category system called:
    (C)(A)(P)(E)(S), for "Superhero" decks = Consistent Affordable Perfect Easy Speed decks.
    (P)+(C)+(S) = Decks' tier score, for Tierlist placement.
    (A)+(E) = Decks' player friendly score, for player consideration

    For each Category there is 1-3 scaling:
    3 Threshold = best
    2 Threshold = good
    1 Threshold = not good

    (P)=Perfect = How unlikely are you to lose a single encounter?
    3 Threshold = 80% or more 15/15 runs are perfect
    2 Threshold = 50%-79% 15/15 runs are perfect
    1 Threshold = 49% or less 15/15 runs are perfect

    (C)=Consistency = How often does the deck make it to, and clear the tier4 boss?
    3 Threshold = 90% or more 15/15 runs clear the tier4 boss
    2 Threshold = 75%-89% 15/15 runs clear the tier4 boss
    1 Threshold = 74% or less 15/15 runs clear the tier4 boss

    (S)=Speed= How fast is the deck at clearing the arena? (Speed will vary with PC's, but this should be a general rule of thumb - for example - the Dream deck would be a 2, and a quash rush deck would be a 1.)
    3 Threshold = 30 minutes or less per 15/15 run clear
    2 Threshold = 45 minutes-31 minutes per 15/15 run clear
    1 Threshold = 46 minutes or more per 15/15 run clear

    The two categories below are important, but carry no weight for the decks' tierlist score.

    (A)=Affordable = How affordable is the deck to build?
    Note: Focusing on hard to obtain cards outside of the F2P PvE experience.
    3 Threshold = Less than $20 to build (not including freely farmed PvE cards)
    2 Threshold = $20-$100 (not including freely farmed PvE cards)
    1 Threshold = Over $100 (not including freely farmed PvE cards)

    (E)=Easy = How easy is the deck to play?
    3 Threshold = Very easy to play
    2 Threshold = Some unique interactions you need to remember / somewhat easy
    1 Threshold = Fairly difficult to play, lot of interactions / not easy

    __________________________________________________ ____
    Is there a deck you would like to add to the list?
    Requirements to add/suggest a deck be added to the list = 4 Lines post:
    1. "Deck Name", "By: (Deck Creator)", "# runs completed" (Should be a deck you've played at least 5 times, with fair recollection of), "(Your Name - Date)"
    2. Link to Decklist (Preferred on HEXTCGBROWSER - so folks can sync with collections to see what they are missing)
    3. #P + #C + #S = # Tier Threshold / #A + #E = # Consideration Threshold
    4. Deck Note: (1 line note about deck/when it was made)

    Do you have updates or tweaks you would like to suggest to a deck-list posted here? Do you have varying results, or disagree with any tier placements? Do you have any suggested improvements for the rating system/wording for rating system? Please let us know. This list is meant to be a dynamic living bar to help both new and older players gauge deck effectiveness.

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