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    DC Deck-building Tournament: The Rogues - May 6th near Denver, CO

    Hello fellow DC Deck-Builders,

    I am organizing a Rogues Crossover Tournament at a local gaming store called Enchanted Grounds located in Littleton (3615 West Bowles Avenue. Suite 5, Littleton, CO 80123). The event will be held on AMay 6th from 10 AM to 2 PM and will consist of 3 rounds of game-play with randomly selected Main Sets. The tournament will use The Rogues main deck cards and Character cards along with the potential of other characters from the main sets. Points will be awarded through each round based on VP standings and the winner will receive a $10 Credit to use on any DC Deck-building Game product. Players can also win copies of various DC promos and prizes throughout the event. This event is FREE to enter.


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    Awesome! Really looking forward to this one.

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    Guru, did I meet you at the last one?

    I'll be in Aurora for most of May and June and would be interested to join a play group while I'm around.

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    Yeah, I was there. We played each other in the first round. Sorry, I guess I forgot to tell you my forum name. I'm Kenny.

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    Just ONE WEEK until The Rogues step up their game! Will you be ready?

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    Hi there do you have a site or thread of the rules like for example banned cards, how to choose héroes, super villains, ect. Thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by bufon1228 View Post
    Hi there do you have a site or thread of the rules like for example banned cards, how to choose héroes, super villains, ect. Thank you

    We don't have it listed anywhere officially but the tournament runs as follows:

    1) Divide participants in pods of 3 or 4 players (3 preferable for Crossover Sets) with randomization of players between rounds (to switch up game-play and competition).
    2) Players in each pod roll and the highest roll in each is First Player. First player eliminates an over-sized character, then each player clockwise does same until all have eliminated 1 character. Starting with the last player to eliminate an oversized character (the player to the right of the First Player), each player selects counter-clockwise the over-sized character they will use for the round (first player picking last). First player starts the game as normal.
    3) Each pod has the standard end of game conditions of defeating the Super'Villain stack or running out the Main Deck. After all but one pod is done with the round, give that pod a 5 minute timer after which their game concludes. This keeps the event moving and prevents players from getting antsy.
    3) After round is finished, tally VP and S-V defeated for each player. Assign Tournament Points to players based on their placement in their pod (1st - 5 TP, 2nd - 3 TP, 3rd & 4th - 1 TP).
    4) Each round will have a random main deck assigned with a dice roll when using a Crossover Pack for the tournament. We use the Super- Stack, Characters and the main deck cards from the Crossover.

    We do not have any banned cards but do use the erratta cards for Kyle and Plastic Man from Crisis 2.

    If you have any additional questions, feel free to send another reply.

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    Thanks for the reminder - running a snake style draft for the super heroes like this is not a good system for a crossover (and I question it for any drafting system - switching from eliminating to picking really screws things up)! Let's assume you have three players and six heroes. Whoever rolls highest has the choice of either eliminating the best or the worst choice. If he chooses to eliminate the best, he gets stuck with worst. If he eliminates the worst, he leaves potentially OP heroes on the table for the next players. The next player should obviously remove the best available since he can't get stuck with the worst and should keep the next player from getting the best/OP. If the first two both eliminate the best, the last player gets the third best and the other two get 5 and 6, since the last player will take the 3rd best and remove #4. If they both eliminate the two worst, 3rd player gets the best, probably OP character of the set, and they get 3 & 4. The most likely outcome is probably 2, 4 and 5, with the high roll eliminating the worst to not get stuck with it and the next player eliminating the best.

    The point is, the dice roll determines who gets the best character, lowest roll will have a big advantage over the other two. Highest roll is penalized heavily - he automatically gets 5 or 6. Going first is a terrible consolation prize, with overwhelming likelihood of 3 or 4 power and overwhelming unlikelihood of a game changing card of that cost in the opening line up. What would it even be? Power Drain, Mallet, Energy Absorption, green arrow's bow, Shimmer, swamp thing, flight wings, parasite, bunker, clayface? Yes, I was high roll in all three of the games at the last tournament.

    I recommend either letting highest roll choose his hero first after all other players have eliminated a choice, shuffle the remaining heroes and deal them randomly, or roll again for picks.
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    Yeah, I have to agree, picking characters is a bit of a weak point at these things. I dread getting the high roll, because I know the only choice I'll have is to remove either one character I don't want to get stuck with, or one character I don't want anyone else to have. The draft is an important choice that dictates the course of the game, and it takes some of the fun out of the game, knowing that if I'm unlucky enough to be the high roller, I lose almost all of that choice.

    Now, I'm coming from a group that usually uses a (growing) pool of 108 of the current 114 oversized characters in 3-5 player games, so in the games I'm used to, whoever gets last pick still has a lot of choice. I realize that's a bit much for most tournaments (though a free-for-all tournament could be fun to try one of these days), but it would be nice to have enough options available for the last player to not get stuck with the one character that's left after everyone else has banned and picked. Maybe by making the characters from the current main set available in addition to the characters from the Crossover? Or, if you'd prefer to keep a smaller pool, maybe add in enough random characters from the set to leave the final player with just 2-4 characters to choose from?

    I really appreciate you running these tournaments, Ben, and for the most part, I'd say you've got it down pretty well. I always have a lot of fun. But if there's one area where the tournaments could improve, it's this.

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    Thank you both for the feedback. I can definitely see how this can detract from the experience of the tournament. If we are running a Crossover set, I will be sure to add in 2 or 3 characters randomly from the main set in each round going forward. I will also see what options are available when running the 4 person pods with the non-Crossover tournaments (maybe adding in the Vixen and Black Lightning promos if they are available).

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