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    The Walking dead : no sanctuary - Questions on rules


    I’m looking forward for some precisions on the rules (if any body has the answers i’ll be grateful) :

    - first, i am wondering if the «*1 action and 1 manœuver*» is mandatory or not? The rules use the «*may*» and not «*must*» but there has been a debate on that on BGG. So an official answers could be useful. And, If it is not mandatory, if I do an action (or a manœuver) must i do the other part, for instance here the manœuver ?

    - if I choose a card or an action like handgun training (rick) : can I use the 2sd part of the card (defeat 1 enemy) if I don’t use the main part of the card (you may raise Threat....) ?

    - if I choose a card or an action like Protector (Rick) : can I use the 2sd part of the main action (a survivor in your space...) and not the first part (defeat 1 enemy...) ?

    - if I have an active Event like Slow them down! : must I place the barricade to have the bonus OR can I just do the action with no effect (exemple : I have no more place to place a barricade) to have the bonus.

    - if my ally roll 3 Fear in one roll. Must I consider this roll like one global exert 3, and then like an exert X = exert 1, or must I consider the 3 Fear individually ?

    - must I roll the dice for the action before resolving the effect of the top action, or after ? Exemple : I do a search action, I do the top action, search a card, I found a walker. Do I have a black die for him, or must I keep the die pool of the beginning of the action.

    Thank you very much for any clarifications
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