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    The DRAW in Epic Spell Wars II

    Good day.

    It will be another 'about-the-rules' question.

    We have a localized version (non-English) of RUMBLE AT CASTLE TENTAKILL here.

    One of Dead Wizard Cards tells approximately the following (my back-translation):

    Resolve now: Take the Standee.
    If at the end of the round the Standee is still yours, fill 4 litres of blood instead of just one.


    Taking the Standee from a living foe deals him/her 3 damage.

    In our case, the guy with only 1HP and the Standee killed a girl who immediately drew the abovementioned Dead Wizard Card.

    This means she makes a kill in return (not to forget: 3 litres of blood for it goes to her), the guy also immediately draws his Dead Wizard Card (for the record: a useless one ).

    Everyone is dead (I was killed even earlier).
    The end of the round.

    According to the second part of her DWC, she fills another 4 litres of blood (the Standee is and for the next round stays hers).

    The DRAW.

    Does it work this way?
    In the rulebook there isn't any case of a draw game.
    But this is "Resolve now" type of a DWC, so everything seems correct.
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    Matt_Hyra, r u ignoring this thread.
    It makes me sad.

    P. S. May be the error is in allegedly obligatory 3hp damage while taking the standee. And there is in fact no one?

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    Can't believe I missed your post. Sorry about that.

    Taking the Standee from someone doesn't automatically deal 3 damage to them. The card has to say that for it to be true. So that should eliminate that chance for a draw.
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    Great thx.

    Feeling resolved now.


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