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    Post DC Deck Building Rebirth Watchmen Crossover Pack Clarification

    Can Crossover packs be used in the Rebirth game? I'm mainly interested in incorporating the Watchmen Crossover pack, but the website's description of the pack does not state that I can use it for Rebirth. I don't know if that is because it can't be used for Rebirth OR that the Crossover pack came out before Rebirth and that the description hasn't been updated yet.

    I'm hoping that they eventually have a full-on Watchmen version of the game because of Before Watchmen, Doomsday Clock, and the new television adaptation, but I'm not betting on it any time soon.

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    You can add cards from Watchmen to Rebirth. It would not be wise to attempt the Watchmen style of play during a Rebirth game.
    You could also add some Rebirth cards to Watchmen, then play with the "hidden traitor" Watchmen mechanic, but without movement and scenarios.
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